Some people are not able to enjoy Christmas as they are afraid of getting all these viruses and microbes unscrupulous running during this time of year. I must say that the winter season, which makes us more vulnerable, combined with the many gatherings and holiday features braces form indeed a dangerous cocktail. Although the disease is sometimes unavoidable and can tackle you despite your best efforts to keep them at bay, there are still a few tricks that you can easily put into practice to try hard to win this battle! Who knows, by following these simple tips, maybe this year would you be able to escape the cold, flu and gastroenteritis.

The focus is on food!

Good nutrition is one of the foundations of health and the best way to Reinforce the immune system. Make sure you eat enough, and advocate lean protein, fruits and vegetables. Capitalize on the diversity and color. It is important to get an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals. Avoid junk food, which generally provides too much fat and sodium, while being low in nutrients good. If you feed a balanced way, you really reduce your chances of getting seasonal diseases. Some foods are also known to be particularly beneficial to the immune system. Here are a few, in bulk: citrus fruits, green vegetables, nuts, oysters, garlic, mustard and onion. Add them to your diet, if it is not already!


We rest!

Even though it is not always easy between party’s, brunches and excited children who do not sleep, try to sleep at least seven hours per night. In this way, your body will be much more alert, so much more able to fight against external attacks of all kinds.

You wash your hands and mouth!

Go to the sink as regularly as possible and lather your hands thoroughly, for about twenty seconds before rinsing with warm water. In public places, when we had physical contact with someone, when you change a diaper, when preparing to eat when we start table. all cars are good! You can use antiseptic products but remember that they do not replace a true if hand washing. In another vein, do not forget to gargle frequently to conduct a war without thank you to bacteria. Some products are designed specifically for this purpose, but a little salt dissolved in water can quite do the trick!

We dress!

The myth that you can get sick just by taking cold is not correct. That the disease develops, it is essential that the subject comes into contact with the bacteria or virus that is responsible. However, what is true is that the act of catching a cold makes us more vulnerable. The body has to expend energy to stay its normal temperature and it remains so less germs to fight villains that try to attack. This is why, when the mercury is below zero, we leave the jacket, toque, scarf, mittens and insulated boots. You fear that this stuff does not ruin your holiday look? Tell you a red nose and wet, it’s even worse!

Limits the heating

Catching a cold is not a good idea, but not get too hot! This is not because it is cold outside it is necessary to maintain his home in temperatures worthy of the worst heat waves. We try to keep the temperature around 20 ° C or less in the bedroom. If not, beware drought, which provide a fertile ground for infections of the throat.

It remains active!

It is well known that physical activity boosts the immune system, then do not hesitate! We try to practice between half an hour and an hour of sport per day to maintain health. He must be careful to excess, because by doing too much sport, you may end up tired, which will have effects contrary to those of healthy exercise. You feel a little sick? Know a little moderate workout will help you fight germs!

This prevents the beaks wet!

You dreamed for years to avoid embarrassing effusions Aunt Gertrude? You now have a good reason to do so! Without becoming completely cold, asocial, you can restrict kissing to a minimum. Prefer kisses “cheek against cheek” and keep your precious lips for your lover (if not sick, of course). When the tour is finished for the good wishes, do not forget to wash your hands! You fear that your loved ones are offended by your aloofness? Do not hesitate to make them believe that you feel yourself a little weak and it is their health that you want to save. They will leave you in peace, guaranteed!

In dinners, we keep an eye out!

In family gatherings, do not leave a moment your glass or plate of eyes (or better yet, hand). It is not uncommon, especially after a few drinks, the guests get a little confused and mix into the glasses and utensils. Attention! This is the best way to catch unwanted microbes. Moreover, if the meal is served buffet style, be very careful! Wash your hands after touching the common serving utensils and avoid all foods that may have been in contact with the fingers of the other guests.

It rubs and scrubs!

We can not emphasize enough, hygiene is one of the best defenses against contagion. Of course, as we said earlier, it is important to pay attention to personal hygiene, but it is also recommended to pay attention to the cleanliness of your home and you manipulate objects. Do not hesitate to disinfect toys your children and your own accessories and wash your floors frequently using bleach.

We think the vaccine

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for gastroenteritis, or for colds. But the flu, it can be avoided! If you tend to get the flu, do not hesitate to get the vaccine. This disease is very uncomfortable, and it can even be really dangerous for some people particularly vulnerable. Do not wait, and get the vaccine in a clinic near you! By implementing these tips, you will probably be able to play hide and seek with the disease throughout the holiday season. But remember still not enjoy as fully as possible to the festive season!