Today there are simple ways to prevent cardiovascular disease and they are accessible to all

Prevent cardiovascular disease by adopting a healthy lifestyle is essential. While age and gender role, men are more affected than women, the risk increases with age. But environmental factors have a crucial role. These diseases include heart attack, stroke, and arteritis can now be fought effectively provided to take the right actions

Prevent cardiovascular disease with a healthy diet

Diabetes, hypercholesterolemia occurred favor of a stroke or heart attack. The Cretan diet that emphasizes fruits and vegetables cooked in olive oil seems more appropriate to prevent cardiovascular disease. In all cases it is recommended to ban butter, saturated fats like palm oil content in cakes and pastries, to limit consumption of red meat and processed meats. It is advisable to increase consumption of omega three fatty fish present in such as salmon or herring, and favoring white meat, cheese, yoghurt and lean. Studies have also shown that a glass of red wine every day has a protective effect on cardiovascular disease.


Stop consumption of tobacco and alcohol

To prevent cardiovascular disease it is imperative to stop smoking and limit alcohol consumption. A binge drinking and regular smoking increases the risk of having high blood pressure. But high blood pressure promotes the onset of cardiovascular disease. Smoking also weakens the vessel walls and lowers good cholesterol, it just allows the elimination of excess cholesterol. It also accelerates the heart rate. Associations, drugs, methods exist. The control center tobacco, tobacco info services and alcohol information services are there to help smokers and alcohol dependence.

Physical activity

Practice thirty minutes of daily physical activity has a beneficial role in preventing cardiovascular disease. Playing sports dilates vessels, lowers the rate of carbohydrates and helps lose weight. We must then focus on endurance sports such as brisk walking, cycling , swimming. Also twice fifteen minutes spread throughout the day seems more effective than thirty minutes at a time. In reality we must find ways to move a bit throughout the day. Office use every opportunity to get up, focus wherever possible the stairs to the elevator, do not hesitate to get one station.

Reduce stress

Anxiety, depression, emotional shocks are a formidable enemy and increase the risk to see appear a cardiovascular disease. It is essential to enjoy every moment to relax. A good method is to enroll in a yoga class or meditation.Des laughter clubs and laughter there was this tremendous privilege to release the hormones of pleasure and increase breathing capacity. In general, moving to fight against the gloom, can promote a good blood circulation. Preventing cardiovascular disease through simple measures can. A healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and culture of happiness seems to be the winning combination.