Enjoy a leisurely aperitif, but with very few calories.

Especially in the summer is really nice and relaxing to enjoy the holidays and indulge before eating a good drink! But watch out for calories and excess salt that often you can hide. There are healthy choices and smart to prepare some tasty appetizers and low in calories . vegetables raw vegetables of the season is rich in minerals and vitamins, as well as water so important for proper hydration of the body. Choose seasonal vegetables, clean them carefully and wash them well, then cut them to the length-wise and place them in small glasses colored: celery , carrots , fennel will color your table! The radish is very cute notch as small flowers and let them float in a bowl of water with thin slices of lemon . Beside the vegetables you can prepare a sauce for the dip of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil with a pinch of salt and pepper .


The salt can choose among the different types that exist in the market, eye on the amount, since too much can cause high blood pressure or water retention; ‘s oil pay attention to the choice, which is a low acidity and possibly Italian, carefully read the labels. How about, instead of the dip, to make vegetable croquettes? Just prepare the vegetables and, after being cooked in a pan until you get a sort of puree, add them to bread soaked in milk, beaten egg, a spoonful of flour, salt and pepper, then fry them. Will be beautiful and light golden nuggets. Another healthy alternative is a vegetable flan , to be cut into slices and serve either warm or cold. Fresh cheese for an appetizer you can prepare healthy and balanced slices of toasted bread, preferably wholemeal and organic (Fluent also to gamut), spread with fresh cheese and thin.

Among the cheeses most suitable, those with less than 20% of the lipid component, we find the to mini fat ricotta or fresh cow’s or goat’s milk, very tasty and low-calorie choice. You can add the cheese a pinch of salt, pepper and chopped parsley or other herbs to give it a touch of extra flavor and to make them more specific to the view. flakes with milk 110 calories per 100 grams are also ideal for preparing easy recipes for a summer aperitif, for example by using them as a filling for tomatoes cut in half, with a sprinkling of basil and thyme. rice and cereals Nothing could be good, especially in the summer, a beautiful, fresh and colorful salad of rice, which you can pay to be served in small cups as an appetizer portion. Or try to make rice croquettes, will be appreciated by young and old.

Instead of rice you can choose to prepare a colorful salad of gravel bar or a salad of mixed cereals, to be seasoned with diced vegetables. Juices, fruit and vegetable If you want to stay on the diet for the part dedicated to beverages will be good to opt for fresh juice of lemon, orange, grapefruit or derived from vegetables like tomato juice, celery, carrots and so on. Using herbs or spices, you can make delicious refreshments natural, to be served with ice in large and colorful pitchers. In addition to being attractive not bring alcohol, are also suitable for children and make the board happy. Those who like to have a hint of alcohol, can prepare the delicious low-calorie cocktails , or opt for a glass of wine.