How to manage back pain during pregnancy? Causes and techniques to relieve these evils so common.

Back pain and pregnancy often go hand in hand. Some mothers feel tensions early in the second quarter, while for others the pain appear suddenly in the last month.

The reasons for back pain during pregnancy

Weight gain is one of the triggers. It changes the center of gravity of the maternal body. When a pregnant woman rocking her back slightly to compensate for the extra weight around the stomach, the muscles of the lower back are highly stressed and strained. The joints between the pelvis and sacrum (sacroiliac joints) stretch and stretch as the basin widens to allow the baby to grow. This stretching of the joints is often the cause of pain during pregnancy.

Some babies take the position later called inside the maternal pelvis causing more pressure on the back and creates pain. If the baby’s head presses on the sciatic nerve, the pain may radiate back and the leg of the mother. A baby in posterior position likely cause of pain “in the kidneys” during childbirth. Some women suffer from back pain while during and between contractions. Most of these situations can caused back pain during pregnancy and there is a strong probability that every pregnant women experience back pain at some point in her pregnancy.


Techniques to relieve back pain

Although there is no silver bullet that can be used for each parent, most pregnant women find relief by using a result of these techniques: Prenatal exercise: especially those using the pelvic tilt and stretching (exercise back round / hollow back on all fours) that pregnant women can practice several times a day after medical clearance. Some strengthening exercises will be suggested to help during pregnancy and childbirth.

The use of an exercise ball exercises, ball kind of yoga or pilates, often helps to relieve back pain. Pregnant women can use it to sit (take care that the hips are always higher than the knees) or stretch (hands and knees resting on the ball). There are many advantages and use is simple. The hot and cold packs provide immediate relief when applied to painful areas. Ensure that you comply with the wear time (often no more than 10 minutes) and temperature. Suitable position during sleep. It is important to respect a good position when sleeping. Expectant mothers should then seek advice from their doctor to check what is most appropriate for their anatomy. They may also provide ergonomic pillow. It is often recommend that the mother put a pillow between your legs if she sleeps on the side.

Acupuncture and osteopathy can relieve back pain the most resistant. It is best to consult a professional who works primarily with pregnant women. The rebozo (or large scarf): used in Mexico, this large piece of cloth used to wrap the stomach and relieve the back by lifting belly gently. Swimming and the use of baths: always agree with and follow a medical. It is not recommended to use the baths of boiling jacuzzi during pregnancy. The waters are too warm also strongly discouraged.