This pregnancy calendar, month by month, allows programming statements, compulsory medical examinations and treatment of health spending.

Symptoms of pregnancy do not have cheated, you did a pregnancy test and that’s it, you are pregnant, for sure. But now, just are you sure of being pregnant that you must now think of a thousand indispensable things: statements to the CAF, preparation of maternity leave, compulsory medical examinations will now be part of your pregnancy calendar, week after week and month after month.

How to register for a maternity and send her declaration of pregnancy to CAF, the forms to print

Once your pregnancy is confirmed by your doctor, and you’re holding your certificate of pregnancy, you can tackle the various administrative tasks to help you organize your pregnancy week by week.

First step to do: you must immediately transmit the declaration of pregnancy that your doctor has done (doctor or midwife) to CAF and health insurance. The deadline for declaration of pregnancy to the CAF and health insurance is 14 weeks pregnant, but you do it sooner, the better. Indeed, these statements allow you to be certain to receive the baby bonus of CAF and parental benefits without delay. In addition, you will receive in return for your declaration of pregnancy guide medical surveillance of mother and baby to follow your pregnancy step by step. You will find here Cerfa forms to print and fill out your declaration of pregnancy.


Pregnancy: compulsory medical examinations, how to get a refund and get the support of health examinations?

What are the compulsory medical examinations during pregnancy? To track your pregnancy calendar, the following examinations to remember. They are important not only for you and your baby, but also in order to receive benefits of the CIF and health insurance. Prenatal medical examinations are mandatory in number 7. The first is very important since it allows to receive the baby bonus, the provision of services for young children. It must be completed before the end of the third month of pregnancy. What is the date for mandatory testing for pregnancy? The other 6 mandatory medical examinations during pregnancy will be scheduled each month according to the presumed date of early pregnancy and childbirth.

Support for medical expenses of pregnancy: how to get reimbursement of medical care to 100%?

Insured or beneficiary, pregnant women should be eligible for support at 100% for all medical expenses related to pregnancy. Caution, make sure that your situation is in order (Carte Vitale to date, possibly, changes of address and therefore fund made) for failing to advance the costs of medical care and examinations required for pregnancy because note can quickly get. What are the medical care that is reimbursed at 100% during pregnancy, month by month?

# The blood glucose,
# the tests for rubella, toxoplasmosis, hepatitis B, syphilis;
# HIV testing;
# the fetal karyotype and amniocentesis if your doctor deems it necessary, and with the prior approval of the medical service of your health insurance;
# ultrasounds redeemed at 100% from the first day of the sixth month of pregnancy, 70% before.
# the eight sessions of childbirth preparation are also redeemed at 100%, from the sixth month of pregnancy.

To fully enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for baby, here also a few items to help you plan everything without spending too much, including tips for choosing your maternity clothes :

# a list of essential to provide for the return of maternity;
# the locations of rental baby equipment;
# a section with lots of coupons, coupons and reimbursed 100% for baby (diapers, baby food and baby free samples, stored before birth);
# of tips for preparing your maternity leave and manage the relationship with your employer.