Pregnancy tests have come a long way since the early nineteenth century. Now we can simply use a home test and get an answer in minutes. The old home pregnancy tests require time, observation and were complicated without being extremely accurate as modern home tests. However, they are historically part of how we have modern pregnancy tests. Here are some old home remedies used as pregnancy tests.

pregnancy tests

Try rabbits

In 1920, a common saying for when a girl became pregnant was “the rabbit died”. This was because there was evidence where the woman’s urine was injected into the ear vein of a female rabbit. If the woman was pregnant, the rabbit ovulated within 48 hours after injection due to excess female hormones. However, the only way to know if a ovulated rabbit was a dissection, so this test required killing the animals and the results took a few days to know.


Old tales of midwives

There are some old stories of midwives who say they can tell if you’re pregnant or not. For example, if you dream of a baby and interact or play, then we say that you’re pregnant. A red complexion is also considered a sign of pregnancy. Another method of midwives involved balancing a glass on the belly of a woman; if it focused on the navel, then she was pregnant. Of course, all these methods are myths and are not reliable.

Signs and symptoms

The oldest and efficient to know a home pregnancy test is observing any related symptoms. Things like nausea morning, heightened sense of smell, namely a metal mouth and rapid weight gain are symptoms continue to do home tests. It is also possible to monitor the monthly cycle to know if you miss a period, one of the clearest signs of being pregnant. Finally, home remedies are not as accurate as the home pregnancy tests or examinations of blood, and therefore should not be relied upon to detect a possible pregnancy.