It is possible that symptoms of a specific pregnancy already in the first week may allow a “diagnosis” trusted? In other words, exactly when a woman realizes that she had been pregnant ? The early symptoms of pregnancy after how many days from conception begin to manifest? These are questions as “legitimate” as difficult to answer. Every pregnancy is a story in itself, but more importantly, every woman is to him, and his body reacts differently to the upheavals of a gestation at its beginnings. For some women, in fact, might be pregnant arrives late, because the symptoms of pregnancy in the first month and beyond, are not such as to put them “on alert”.


Pregnancy: what happens in the first week

Happens, for example, women with an irregular cycle, for which a delay of menstruation does not constitute a rarity, and therefore is not sufficient to think of a symptom coming baby. However, already during the first days of a new pregnancy, occurring in the female body a series of “revolutions” which, although still minor, some women fail to recognize. The conception occurs in the fertile period of the month, during the phase of ovulation . What happens after the sperm “lucky” has fertilized the female egg after being moved up from the vaginal duct on to the fallopian tubes? It happens that the leukocyte “migrates” up to uterus , where it lurks, and the cells begin to multiply giving rise to embryo (in fact, the fetus, as we now prefer to call the new life in training gynecologists). What symptoms can be associated with this very early stage of pregnancy?

Pregnancy Symptoms: amenorrhea

The gonorrhea, the periods that do not arrive, is the symptom par excellence, the one that must lead to the fateful pregnancy test . As anticipated for some women it is difficult to attribute to a menstrual period which delays the beginning of a pregnancy, this is only possible if the cycle is like clockwork. Anyways, if this delay occurs as a result of unprotected intercourse, it is clear that every woman can justifiably suspected to be pregnant.

Pregnancy Symptoms: loss

Among the symptoms of pregnancy there are also losses . In some cases (6-7%) is bleeding that may be confused with the menstrual cycle . In reality it is a phenomenon called ” spotting “, determined from nesting embryo in the uterus. More frequently, from the earliest stages of pregnancy, it may cause the white discharge transparent and odorless due simply to the action of estrogen.

Pregnancy Symptoms: swollen breasts

Among the symptoms of pregnancy the breast is swollen and painful one that occurs immediately, and is due to the hormone prolactin . The breasts become swollen as before menstruation and sore nipples to the touch. Even in this case, associated with the absence of cycle can create a valid suspicion.

Pregnancy Symptoms: fatigue

The tiredness is another typical symptom of pregnancy is very common. It ‘probably due to the effort that the body makes in adapting to the new situation as well as higher concentrations of progesterone in the blood. Sometimes this sense of weakness continued in the following months (sometimes also because of the lack of iron ), but usually fades from the second quarter .

Pregnancy Symptoms: more frequent urination

More frequent urination, or a greater incentive to make a pee, is one of the most common symptoms, which sometimes appears before amenorrhea. Essentially depends on the position that the uterus takes over the bladder .

Pregnancy Symptoms: nausea

The nausea and vomiting are two of the most common pregnancy symptoms and frequent: affects at least 50% of future mothers , in a more or less mild. Often, even nausea or sensitivity to odors may arrive before the missed period. Among the symptoms of a twin pregnancy is really a persistent nausea and did not diminish after the first few months as happens in singleton pregnancies. But even in this case. it is not a “rule” for all valid.

Pregnancy Symptoms: swelling

Swelling and / or abdominal heaviness are attributable to the early symptoms of pregnancy hormonal changes, but also an initial constipation, which will improve shortly after. Difficult, however, that among the symptoms of a pregnancy there is a diarrhea, typically happens if the causes are different.