When pregnancy requires that the pregnant woman is at complete rest in bed. Circumstances and effects for the mother and her baby.

For years, medical recommendations suggested bed rest during pregnancy and the limitation of any activity, to avoid premature delivery. That the mother had uterine contractions, slight vaginal bleeding, wait twins, bed rest is standard treatment to prevent a possible miscarriage, premature labor or low birth weight baby at birth. However, new evidence show that bed rest is perhaps not effective and may also have side effects for the mother and baby.


According to experts, the limitation of physical activity during pregnancy is often the method of treatment chosen by the majority of obstetricians during pregnancy at risk and bed rest is recommended in case of pregnancy complications:

* Twin pregnancy – multiple
* High blood pressure
* Contractions or other signs of preterm labor
* Incompetent cervix
* Abnormal growth of the fetus
* Fertility treatment (embryo transfer)


Prescription of rest is motivated by the fact that mobility and movement, increase uterine contractions. Encouraging mothers to stay bedridden (primarily by lying knew the left side, which increases blood flow to the uterus and help the baby to gain weight), we hope to reduce and even stop uterine contractions.


Numerous studies in recent years show that bed rest is perhaps not the miracle cure to prevent a miscarriage:

* A Chinese study shows that the evidence for the effectiveness of bed rest are not numerous enough.
* A recent study by Cochrane highlights the lack of information on the positive impact of bed rest in multiple pregnancy.
* Research in Ireland on 22 studies, also highlights the lack of results of bed rest for the prevention of preterm delivery.
These studies are not isolated. Medical literature successive past five years and repeat that bed rest is not a panacea for addressing the problems of pregnancy.

Side effects of bed rest

Indeed, not only bed rest does not seem as effective as we think is left for generations to prevent preterm labor, but again, many side effects are noted. Studies have shown that bed rest during pregnancy may be responsible for:

* Muscle atrophy
* Loss of bone mass
* Weight loss
* Weight babies at birth
* Decrease gestational age at birth
* Psychological problems in the mother