Places that have hidden qualities and act on our bodies. Not the stuff of a Hollywood-buster, but real power spots, which are fascinating.

The postmodern society is characterized by emotion deficits and the associated search for the meaning of life. Here, people seem more and more of the traditional rituals and responses to remove the faith and to seek other spiritual sources. Places of power are such sources. They have always held a special attraction for the people.

The “earth-human memory”

Geomancy in itself is an ancient spiritual science, is concerned with earthly energy cosmic radiations and patterns and tries to connect these forces together in harmony. The hypothesis that people would feel the uniqueness of the power center was visited in the study by Dr. Naomi Kempe, director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Research Unit for biosensors in Graz confirmed. The term “power place” mainly positive associations are linked: emotional, sensual, intuitive, spiritual retreat, the disturbing noise and spares. Power seats are also to be understood as chakras, energy centers or power distribution node of the earth. Geomancy experts such as Kempe therefore speak of an “earth-human memory”, which adds to special places and manifests.


Sick forces?

That defines a “water veins”, “Hartmann-points”, “Curry-points,” but also “lay lines” or “sacred crossings” not, as the saying goes formulated blurred by Earth radiation is, but to specific location-dependent variations of the geomagnetic field does not affect the fact that those are points, places and spaces influence on body and soul. On the one hand, the exploration of places of power supply us with great positive energy, on the other hand, the consequences of impaired and disabled power places illnesses and blockages.

Force found

Special places of power are often found in old trees. These are mostly to be old, free-standing, protected trees. In general, these trees are on places of power, to which the tree is considered to be animated beings, has only the ability to be so old. Everything that we encounter on a stroll through the countryside and where our attention is directed, is regarded as a reflection of our inner being. The more time we take a walk through nature, the longer we dwell alone outside, and the more aware, more open, we pay attention to every little thing to animals, plants, rocks, natural phenomena, rainbows, sudden inspirations are the more we be amazed at what acts on insights from other levels of our consciousness on us. People are regarded as fundamental a part of a complex system whose state we should not care to be. When aiming it, to form a whole, then we must also recognize any part of it and protect even those things that you can not see, but the sooner you can feel.