To what physical ailments you may experience after childbirth?

In the period between the birth of the child and the appearance of the first menses, the woman who has given birth can go against some physical problems, as well as psychological, before being able to return to full fitness. It is transient disturbances, which in most cases are nothing worrying and should not be alarmed. Let’s see what are the illnesses that cause and remedies. Stitches Following all epistolary (the incision made ​​at the beginning of the vagina to facilitate the escape of the child) are applied stitches that often cause tingling, numbness and discomfort in the vaginal area. In some women also appears burning during urination. ‘s important that women have a thorough hygiene, making frequent washing with disinfectants to dissolve in warm water.


To best avoid dry wipes, but the ideal is the warm air of the dryer, which speeds healing. ¾ points are resorted within weeks of giving birth, and even disappear with their disorders. Hemorrhoids often due to the stress of childbirth appearance of hemorrhoids, especially in women already predisposed or have greatly increased their weight. useful in these cases are the ointments that do not have contraindications to breast-feeding mothers, because their action is only local. Then it is advised to follow a diet rich in fruits and cooked vegetables , to facilitate intestinal transit, and immediately after birth may be useful to put a bag of ice for a few hours. If dealt with right away, and before you see the constipation, the problem of hemorrhoids resolves within a few months.

However, the disorder may also appear again after giving birth. urine loss after pregnancy and childbirth some women have small leaks of urine, after a laugh, sneeze or a cough. This is because the perineum has lost elasticity and, relaxing, lowers the bladder, so that it is no longer able to hold the pee. is important to immediately exercises to restore tone to the muscles and in most cases the problem is resolved in a couple of months. Lochi Also called localization , it is semi-solid secretions that originate from the uterus and are expelled from the vagina during 20-40 days postpartum. First are formed from fluid blood red and clots, then become clearer to the minor presence of blood. After two weeks they become intense yellow and contain within them many white blood cells. ‘s a natural phenomenon, but it requires some attention to avoid infection. First, careful and scrupulous hygiene , change often and do not use absorbent tampons.

Finally, do not have sex without a condom until there are losses. In some women the lochia disappear within 20 days, while others last for over a month. Bites the uterus after delivery of the placenta decreases the volume of the uterus , returning to the weight and dimensions of nature. During this process you have a series of contractions very annoying and painful bites defined . The contractions are strong during breast-feeding because of the release of Oxycontin, a hormone that breaks out in sucking the nipple and that causes contractions of the uterus. The pain disappears as soon as the uterus returns to its normal size. You should not take drugs, but rather to think that over a period of 3-4 weeks, the discomfort will disappear.