Given that only a physician can make an accurate diagnosis and to exclude the presence of breast cancer, breast pain may depend on several factors, and here we will list the main ones.

It’s called nostalgia and is a pain that affects the breast and alarm always women, in most cases, however, it is a solvable problem, linked to the cycle, in an effort or nervous tension. Let’s see what are the main causes that lead to suffer from this disorder. There are two forms of breast pain : a cyclic or hormonal, that is linked to the menstrual cycle and hormonal flux, and a non-cyclic . Just this can have several causes, but in most cases is due to fibroid or cysts . In this case the pain appears only in one breast and involves the whole mammary gland In conjunction of the menstrual cycle Many women complain about breast pain just in time of menstruation, caused on the performance and in particular the increase in the hormone progesterone that rises in second half of the cycle and causes tension and pain in the breast and can localize in both breasts and in the upper outer. This disorder is one of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome , but they are also typical in the early months of pregnancy .


Guilt bra squeezing in bra sizes smaller or use of their models do not fit their shape over time can cause back pain, stiffness the neck and breast pain. Especially to avoid bras with cups too small and too wide rear wings. enough sport Doing sports is good, but if you overdo it with abs and weights the risk is to be filled with pain throughout the body, including the breast. In fact in these cases are not the breasts that hurt, but the pectoral muscles that are located in the front of the chest. The same discomfort can be felt after overexertion as you move furniture or raised bags too heavy. cysts may be present Another source of tension is the presence of breast cysts or nodules in the mammary gland, it is a problem that affects 30% of the women aged 30 to 50 years old and increases in conjunction with the menopause.

The cysts, however, can be diagnosed with a simple ultrasound, and whether they confer a lot of pain, may be aspirated with a needle. ‘re breastfeeding? L ‘ breastfeeding can cause mastitis, or inflammation of the udder that is resulting in the pain and swelling at the breast . It is caused by a breast engorgement, by an accumulation of milk. You need to treat mastitis with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory and for this reason you will have to stop breastfeeding. Therefore, it is important to prevent, trying to attack the little regularly and spending the same time of feeding for each breast. Controlled! A breast pain, even if it is nothing, should never be overlooked. It is good to consult your doctor and do some specialized tests that can reassure the woman and help her to understand the origin of the disorder.