The pollen allergy in certain months of the year, especially in spring, which corresponds precisely to the period of pollen , it can really be a source of discomfort. The symptoms with which you are to have to do are many, from itching, nasal congestion, coughing sneezing continue. The trigger can consist of grasses , but also from the heart , from birch or cypress . We should not forget that there are several remedies to which we can use to relieve symptomatic manifestations of allergic reactions . Not be neglected especially the natural remedies and ‘ homeopathy .


The symptoms of allergies to pollen may consist of slight discomfort, but can also become very intense, to have a profound effect on the daily life of an individual. Often, the end result is a feeling of malaise, fatigue and general irritability, which prevents the concentration and relaxation. If the runny nose and nasal congestion are the first signs, the itching , the watery eyes , the sneezing and coughing are an extension of the spectrum of symptoms to consider. Among other things, you can also experience a feeling of pain in the face and the sense of smell loses its potential.


The remedies

The remedies for pollen allergies are different. In terms of prevention is essential to the vaccine , but there are also drugs that can be specific use, once that occurs the allergic reaction. For example, antihistamines can be taken orally or in the form of nasal sprays. These drugs block the histamine, the substance released by our immune system in front of an allergic-type reaction. May be helpful corticosteroids to counteract inflammation and decongestants to help you breathe better. For this purpose it may also resort to any appropriate nasal washes , consisting of salt water.

It ‘important to still try to avoid as much as possible exposure to pollen, keeping the windows closed, avoiding, for example, to cut the lawn on hot days, keep the house clean, wash and changing after a few hours spent in the opened. The eyes should be washed frequently with cold water and is also good to get away from places where people smoke. Among the natural solutions , knob and Ribes nigrum, suitable to relieve the symptoms and to combat asthma.


Homeopathy can help us , because the therapy has no side effects and does not cause drowsiness and attention disorders.
In addition to the homeopathic remedies there are no contraindications based on age. The allergic rhinitis is all the fault of pollen and at this time are coming allergies caused by pollen and smog , also children and teenagers are getting more allergic.
The solution to be adopted is that of a preventive care, which should be started at least two months before the period of pollination. A good remedy can be Pollensì , the composition of which contains different types of pollen from grass orchard grass.