Whether you’re single or not, carnal pleasures should not endanger your health. To do so, there are some rules to follow.

Since pleasure is no longer a taboo, many people engage in sex without day. However, in a climate of public health remains fragile, it is important to take care of your body to maintain health and prevent STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

Condoms, maximum prevention

Although prevention campaigns are still present, the condom is still seen by some as a remedy anti-pleasure. However, condoms are the means of prevention more effective to have safe sex. In addition, many condoms available in the market. It is ribbed for Madame or Monsieur for extremely fine, now they fit your every mood.

A perfect lifestyle

Besides the fact that a healthy body will always be more desirable than a person who neglects a healthy lifestyle you will, in addition, to minimize the risk of contracting an STI. Take the example of good dental hygiene. If you make your annual descaling, you brush your teeth and take care of your gums and your mouth, then you have little chance of developing mouth sores that may be open for STIs. Indeed, any wound or mucous membrane irritation near risk-taking is important during sexual intercourse. Thus, inflamed gingiva due to scale, irritated foreskin due to too frequent masturbation anus or even weakened by hemorrhoids can reduce the capacity of your lining to protect against external aggressions.


Simple gestures

After sex, a few simple steps can help you maintain your health.

1. Take a shower. This will allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

2. Make a antiseptic mouthwash. As it is not advisable to brush your teeth for an hour intercourse, it is advisable to do this mouthwash. In fact, brushing your teeth could create a microplaie oral gateway to all that is left in the mouth.

3. Use an antiseptic solution to clean your private parts. Of course, using a solution tailored to your body and your sex. This antiseptic will reduce the risk of genital.

4. Use an antiseptic gel for your hands. Hands can carry germs, bacteria and fungi, which can be deposited on your mucous membranes well after sex. By washing your hands, you can again touch your body without risk of depositing a fungus on an area that was healthy before.