While health has no price, but it has a cost, it is also true that the cost can not be higher if a few precautions are taken. In fact, any organization is endowed with regulatory function and many other functions. Their purpose is to keep the body in good condition. Also, they ensure the smooth running of each organ in relation to the whole body. This is what explains the fact that when a body part is proven, it is that all this sudden passion or condition. In this perspective, it is necessary to avoid anything that may impede the proper functioning of any part of the body and therefore of the whole organism. It passes through several means. Among other methods, there is a healthy lifestyle. This is the set of rules to be observed in the daily lives and consists of simple attitudes, safety behaviors and principles to guide actions to ask.

There are more physical activities. In fact, they are increasingly challenged by the production of tools and gadgets whose aim is to make life easier, minimizing the physical effort that must be provided. The transition to modernity is characterized by access to technology products available. Through them, he challenged the suffering and pain. However, if the pain is physical suffering on it is moral and spiritual. But we managed to eliminate the pain of ordinary life with these gadgets? The treadmill is part of it also in the wake of facilitation?


The elimination of all forms of pain in life is not wrong in itself, because it is depressing to have pain somewhere, and unless masochist. Nobody tolerates physical harm. Does this mean that it must be eliminated at all costs and prices? This is already not possible, for the simple reason that pain is part of the animal essence of men. Like animals, people feel the evil in them following external or internal emotions. A misstep during walking can happen with all the precautions taken to avoid it. A scratch at home occurs when we arrange such effects in the dresser. Technological tools are therefore not exempt from pain. But is this true of the treadmill? He also intended to eliminate any pain?

The treadmill is an ergo meter, that is to say, an apparatus for physical exercises in a small space. It can therefore be made at home or in a gym. With this device, a number of risks are avoided for the sport. What are the weather conditions, accidents related to environmental incidents between person and many others. This instrument’s main sports education to produce physical effort function. These allow the control function fully play its role in stimulating blood circulation. But for this well, the result is therefore the pain.

By practicing the sport through the treadmill , it improves his health while providing efforts. But this tool is another technological gadget, like the others, focuses its activity in a specific location and eliminates the risk of insecurity which would have adverse effects on the person. However, this equipment does cause pain, also like many others, but for useful purposes. It is therefore clear that technological progress or access to modernism does not always mean elimination of any physical effort. The change that has taken place is that environmental conditions.