We all of us, at one time or another in our lives, experienced dark moments. Events such as heartbreak, loss of employment or the daily monotony can have a major impact on your morale. If you do nothing to remedy the situation, your condition will deteriorate and you may even realize, too late, that you suffer from depression. When the disease is diagnosed, the first instinct is to take medication and sometimes undergo psychotherapy to improve your mental health. But is that the means listed above are the only ones that are effective? More research tends to show that physical activity may play a major role in the prevention or treatment of minor depression. In 1998, Scully studies (1) have clearly demonstrated that the physical activity of moderate guy had a direct effect on people’s mental health.

Anxiety and pleasure

First, the regular practice of physical activity a major impact on anxiety. Anxious people would be well advised to move to improve their mental health. Being physically active for more than 30 minutes has an immediate effect on the level of anxiety. seems that when we use physical activity in the treatment of conditions such as depression or anxiety, it is important to consider the pleasure and satisfaction that one feels during physical activity. Indeed, it seems that the pleasure associated with more physical activity is great, the better the benefits on psychological well-being.



Secondly, the fact of physical activity on a regular basis have a major impact on the level of stress. In fact, people who are physically fit have better ability to manage stressful situations known. However, coping with stress, physical activity has its limits. It has been shown to be a good ally in the prevention, but not in the healing of stress-related pathologies.


Finally, although the research is not completed in this regard, it has been shown that people who practiced a type physical activity moderated over a long period generally saw their mood improved.

The last word

As a former morbidly obese, I can tell you that physical activity literally saved my life. Despite what some people may think, the loss of energy (calories) is the last of the benefits of regular physical activity. Even though I practice triathlon and I have a Bachelor’s in the middle of physical activity, I’m like everybody, I have my darker moments. If three days pass without that I can lead my energy levels drop, my mood becomes less interesting and my usual ardor tends to decrease. However, as soon as I finish a workout, it is 5 km Running or 100km bike, I get immense pride that proves to me that anything is possible and that the only limits we have are those that it is fixed as a person.