How to have a perfect breasts “naturally”, without resorting to interventions mammo plasty, is an intimate question that every woman, the teenager just out of puberty to mature lady, perhaps already a grandmother, arises. The reason is intuitive: the breast is the symbol of femininity and have a healthy and full neckline makes you feel confident and attractive. But how do you get a more beautiful breasts than what we see every day when we specialism, there is perhaps too small, sagging or underdeveloped? A breast that want it back perfect even after a pregnancy ? Legitimate questions, which can find simple answers. To improve the appearance and tone of our breast we must act at the level of muscles and skin. Both are stimulated with the right exercises and treatments. We see better.

Breast, how to keep it hard

What is it made ​​our breasts, there we are never asked? Of course, in it we find the glandular tissue , but the volume is given by deposits of fat that overlap the pectoral muscles below. The size of the breasts as the shapes of the breast are genetic and have little to do with the physical constitution. For this there are women of flesh and slender women with small breasts and breasts with long-limbed important. That said, there are many factors that can contribute to change the appearance and beauty of the breast, which is lean or rich.


Naturally, the weight can affect, even if not so decisive, but it is not expedient to fatten of 20 kg only to have a fuller breasts, right? The breast after breast-feeding , for example, can “sag”, and lose firmness, but also a sedentary lifestyle and a dry skin , not fed, not good for its beauty. This is because the pectoral muscles are untrained, and appear “deflated” rather than beautiful tonic, which affects the breast helping to make it look sad and droopy. If we consider the ‘ age aging of the tissues and the powerful effect of gravity. you have to run for cover! How? Starting with the care of the skin.

Perfect breasts with essential oils

For a perfect breasts we can use the benefits of essential oils. To tone a small breasts, you can prepare a massage oil with 4 drops of essential oil of fennel, 4 drops of geranium or 2 tablespoons of almond oil. The oil as well as creams should always lay on the breast with circular movements and upward, being careful not to touch the nipple. For a voluminous breasts appear deflated, however, it is ideal to practice massage in a tablespoon of jojoba oil, 1 tablespoon of cream with Shea butter, 2 drops of essential oil of lemongrass, 3 drops of peppermint and 3 drops of cypress.

Perfect breasts with the right exercises

We come to the importance of exercise. The exercises for a perfect breast are there, and are very easy! What is needed is a bit ‘of endurance, so we should try to run every day to be sure to get a lasting effect. We particularly simple example demonstrates two simple, let’s see how to perform them:

1. We need to rest the palms of your hands against the wall with his arms outstretched at shoulder height. I love Flex hours arms bending the elbows and reaching to touch (almost) the wall with the face, then back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times.

2. Standing, raise your arms to shoulder height and join the palms of your hands. Hour push your palms against each other trying to contract at the same time the chest, and then relax your arms. We perform a minimum of 50 “pushed” up to a maximum of 100.