The peat: Who would have thought that beauty secret and health so precious could be guarded by wetlands, lakes and wetlands unwelcoming? A true concentrate of beneficial properties for the whole body: the peat provides nourishment to the tissues, making them more elastic and toned; is a mine of nutrients valuable, such as minerals, enzymes and vitamins; enhances the silhouette, making it more supple, soft and radiant skin. Here are just a few of the potential of this organic matter, more and more exploited in beauty treatments.

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What’s this

The peat is nothing more than the organic result of the slow maceration of herbs, plants and other plants deposited in areas of high humidity, such as reservoirs or swamps. It is an organic compound, alive and vital, that can boast of an excellent content of valuable substances. The peat is rich in minerals, enzymes, cellulose, vitamins and trace elements.

The beneficial properties

Although, thanks to the appearance very similar to wet soil, seems to be a compound uninviting, peat should become one of the best friends of women. Why? For many reasons, and especially for its many beneficial properties. It has a strong draining action, useful for removing too much of fluids in the tissues that stagnating, with the complicity of water retention, give form and substance to the number one enemy of the female gender, cellulite. Earnings then also against the fat deposits and unsightly extra pounds, thanks to the ability slimming and firming.

As if that were not enough, the peat is able to positively stimulate the blood circulation and lymphatic circulation and is a candidate to be a true ally of the health and beauty of your skin.In fact, in addition to having antiseptic properties, hydrating and anti-inflammatory, reduces skin imperfections making the skin smoother, more supple and soft.

Peat baths, wellness baths

Peat is the protagonist of many slimming treatments and moisturizing, soothing and purifying. In the wellness centers and spa facilities are carried massages, baths and peeling based on peat. Have made ​​it a strong point using peat spa, extracted from the lake Massachusetts, applying it to body temperature by spreading on the body or on the face by coating, resulting in an extraordinary brightening effect on the epidermis thanks to a natural peeling which brings valuable minerals. Not to mention that the peat also has beneficial effects in the treatment of many inflammatory problems and rheumatic and according to recent studies would help to prevent the Osteoporosis and to fight cellulite.