In conjunction with the summer always come from America, but also from our country, ideas more or less interesting and often bizarre or outlandish, relating to new diets. They will always be credible? Above all we must follow them blindly?

When in the summer the mass media, from newspapers to television programs, flock of “nutrition experts” all ready to give advice on how to make last minute to lose weight quickly, look at them as a dietitian with an eye always very critical and clinical as to follow a diet low in calories often you are likely to run into serious problems! This happens especially when there is a correct parallel and specific medical support, capable of directing in time and healthy nutritional choices.


But you know, unfortunately, often do “noise” are the news extreme, those that affect without the need to then ask whether there are medical studies at the base and the certainty that they can not under any circumstances cause damage to health. between these Last news is precisely the patch on the tongue , able, apparently, to lose weight. The idea is to mold the U.S. and we expect great results from the latter found of knowledge: The idea was born from a plastic surgeon in California, which ensures this with his invention to lose weight, starting with the language, which in this case will not fit as it is physiologically expected in the mechanism of swallowing and chewing, but the weight loss! Nikolas Chugay , the inventor claims to have applied the patch polyethylene within the language of 35 patients, who have reached a weight loss about ten pounds apiece.

The patch is made ​​of polyethylene and ensures that, once placed on the tongue, meal time is no longer so pleasant, but rather a kind of torture! This material will cause a nuisance near the pain, a bad feeling every time you try to swallow the mouthful . Failing to follow this torture, you lose about 750 calories every day for the simple reason that you do not eat enough! technology behind The patient is unable to eat solid things, but prefers liquids.

But it was perhaps better to avoid a torture worthy of the Middle Ages and agree and at the same time motivate the patient to gradually achieve a decent weight loss? ‘s really logical to undergo such extreme choices to lose a few pounds? I leave you to do your assessment and reflection, although fundamentally believe that we should first of all choose to love and torture is often a significant lack of self-love. The second aspect is to evaluate the excess weight in relation to psychological factors and not only related to the physical weight. Because often the basis of weight gain may be unresolved psychological problems or hormonal fluctuations, which is certainly a band-aid can not fix. before using a patch we use your head! We follow a healthy and balanced diet, do sports, caring for each other and try to be more lenient with ourselves!