Since the Act of July 4, 2001, the minor no longer need parental permission to access a method of contraception with a doctor. To participate in the implementation of this autonomy, the elected regional discuss and vote on 18 June, an anonymous and free: the “pass contraception.”

A “pass contraception” free and anonymous

Specifically, a girl or a boy could go see a doctor for this school “pass” which will offer a consultation with a general practitioner or a gynecologist, analyzes and the contraceptive of choice.Support young people in control of their sexuality and their access to autonomy, allowing them to avoid passing through the box “unwanted teenage pregnancy” or “abortion” is the goal of the device! The principals and teachers who are regularly unprepared for unwanted early pregnancies of their students, “pass contraception” will also provide an early solution. Henriette Zoughebi , Vice-President in charge of schools and educational policies, plans work in conjunction with each rector. Their involvement in the distribution of information and “pass” will be crucial, as the doctors and school nurses.


Protection for at-risk youth

Asked about this device, a doctor from the town center health said that prevention work is equally relevant to carry out with girls who have not yet started their sexual life, especially when they undergo violence. Indeed, 10% of the 55,000 abortions performed each year to girls aged 15 to 17 years. However, when you consider that the average age of first intercourse for girls is seventeen and a half and a quarter of abortions is due to sexual violence, consider the protection of young people is needed as a necessity.

For Henriette Zoughebi beyond access to contraception, “pass” bears an ambition of equality of girls and boys who relies on the control of their bodies and the right to dispose of it. The timing of demand for contraception may be fully invested in the identification of at-risk youth which doctors and school nurses should be trained. The launch of the device could also be referred to educate young people and deconstruct sexism in an exchange with them, and massively fixed representations conveyed by the surrounding society about masculinity, femininity, sexuality, freedom, respect.