Cycle painful, hard to bear an eventuality that makes those days of the month a real nightmare. A reality for about 25% of women, who have to do every month, or nearly so, with painful symptoms and annoying. That’s what it is, what are the main causes and possible remedies.

If your period is painful

More properly speaking, of dysmenorrhea, the menstrual cycle characterized by symptoms, especially painful, and, very often, even more abundant than expected. Painful cycle that can be a real inconvenience to himself, that is, primary dysmenorrhea, or the most unpleasant manifestation of other disorders, secondary dysmenorrhea.

Possible causes

Severe pain and stabbing, affecting the lower part of the abdomen and back. Hassles that accompany general malaise, headache and fatigue. Here are just a few of the most common symptoms. Symptoms that, in the presence of primary Dysmenorrhoea, can be the consequence of some hormonal imbalances.

The whole question, in particular, the decrease in estrogen and an increase, very important, of progesterone. Decreases and increases that may trigger the onset of pain and discomfort, bloating and mood swings, nausea and general malaise. Among other culprits hormonal, especially abdominal pain, are the prostaglandins, substances produced in the womb whose lives, aided their task to stimulate uterine contractions to facilitate the expulsion of the mucous membranes, increase enormously in the days before and during the cycle.

When the painful cycle, however, is only a symptom, the cause must be sought between the diseases that affect the female reproductive tract. In particular, among the hypotheses to be tested are: endometriosis, the presence of ovarian cysts or polyps, inflammation of the Fallopian tubes or ovaries.

The remedies

If, in the case of secondary dysmenorrhea, the only effective treatments are those that aim to solve the disease trigger, if painful cycle end in itself, there are some useful remedies. First, there is a wide range of pharmacological remedies ad hoc, anti-inflammatories, analgesics and pain killers specifically for painful menstruation. One alternative, useful for regularizing hormonal balances, is the contraceptive pill. There is, then, an equally large army of herbal remedies, homeopathic and natural, as infusions made ​​from Calendula and yarrow, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, the magnesium phosphoricum (3 globules under the tongue 2 times a day).