The menstrual cycle is a natural phenomenon, but is experienced by many women with an uneasiness and discomfort such as to make that appointment at a monthly nightmare . Some women are forced to limit their lives and stuffing of drugs: in many cases this is because there is a more or less unconscious rejection of her femininity, and if you locate the source will be easier to cure. How? With a targeted psychological care. Rhythm monthly menstruation is linked to the cycle of the moon phases and returns to the expression of fertility and receptivity, all feminine characteristics. According to psychosomatic medicine, the non-acceptance of being a woman is the basis of most menstrual disorders because it is linked to the idea of passive dependency that is hard to accept. And because of this theory, the way to solve the problems linked to the cycle is from the psyche .


If you suffer from gonorrhea Gonorrhea is the absence of menstruation, which often indicates a incurring, more or less painful, of his being woman, refused or lived in a deeply ambivalent and conflicting. In these cases there is often an unconscious wish to stay or return children to stay away from all the problems related to the management of mature sexuality. It may also happen that over-identification with a male model impoverish the feminine essence thus preventing expression. Women most at risk are those who sacrifice motherhood and eros in favor of career or who have grown up in environments familiar who have never accepted their growing up. There are also homeopathic remedies against gonorrhea . If you suffer from oligomenorrhea The oligomenorrhea is characterized by a cycle low and short, often hardly felt.

During menstruation the feminine energy bursts outwards to which a symbolic level into the blood out of your gut being; oligomenorrhea then can hit those women who have a sex life inhibited or unsatisfactory living and femininity as an obstacle to their implementation. ‘s oligomenorrhea also affects those women who are trying to stifle the emotions of fear of losing control. Dysmenorrhea Menstruation painful, with cramping, headaches and vomiting are frequent phenomenon. They can occur because the woman lives as hazardous or limiting aspects of passivity, acceptance and transformation typical of women. It is a disorder that expresses an experience of conflict between the need to express their femininity and adherence to the male that very often women are called upon to play. Pain may also express a sexuality that is not freely expressed and judged as dirty. Again this case we find homeopathic remedies against dysmenorrhea .

Hypermenorrhea Characterized by abundant streams and long, so often lead to anemia, hypermenorrhea signals a neglected femininity that begs to be expressed and taken into account. Symbolically, the heavy bleeding is the cry of a uterus that fails to fulfill its creative function. Are more likely to hypermenorrhea women who identify in undervalued women’s roles, women cold and detached from the emotional plane. Aid from psychosomatic psychosomatic therapy is helpful to those who want to pursue change through awareness and the search for truth. Professionals usually try to read the signals from the symbolic point of view. The session includes the collection of information on the history of physiological and pathological personal and hereditary, the interview, the symbolic reading of the disorder and the therapeutic indications. We can not determine exactly how many psychosomatic psychotherapy sessions were for the healing of a menstrual disorder, because each person is different.