A Pain in hands can throw us into a panic, even when it is a nuisance passenger. The reason is simple: with the hand we do everything we used to be able to count on our end prehensile always, and take for granted their quickness and agility. Yet, when there is missing one of the two, perhaps because of a fracture, wounds or burns, we are really in big trouble, so it is essential not to neglect their health and integrity (what, who, however, tend to do). Every little signal should not be overlooked, because it could be indicative of a deeper problem, which dealt with right away might not lead to consequences. But we see all the possible causes of pain in his hand, or hands, and also the remedies recommended.


Causes of pain in his hand: the carpal tunnel

The carpal tunnel syndrome due to compression of the median nerve in the wrist, is without doubt one of the most common causes of pain and discomfort in the hand. Initially manifests as numbness and tingling in the first three fingers, especially at night, then, if neglected, leading to pain and difficulty moving the hand and wrist , which stiffen. Often this problem occurs during pregnancy . It is treated with anti-inflammatory drugs (to be excluded, however, when pregnant) and wrist strap , but especially with so much rest . Hopefully the carpal tunnel does not heal on its own, then you should proceed to surgery.

Causes of pain in his hand: the trigger finger

The so-called trigger finger is instead a disorder that manifests itself in a pain in the palm of your hand and (just as the name implies), a decrease snap of the phalanges of the fingers when you bend or close again. In fact it is a problem that affects the flexor tendons, along which form small nodules that impede the normal flow under the skin. The care , as with any inflammation, provides medicinal products that go out, and also the use of a brace. As with other diseases, if the trigger finger does not heal, you will have to perform a surgical procedure simple but decisive.