For a woman of childbearing age feel ovarian pain, or to both right ovary or the left, it is not a rare occurrence, indeed. In most cases it is a small annoyance connected with the ovulation, then with the menstrual cycle, transient and certainly not worrying. The ovarian function is indeed evidenced by precisely this kind of side effects.However, the ovarian pain is not always and not only manifests itself when you are ovulating, it is important, therefore, that a woman should learn to recognize the signs of your body, especially those connected with her ​​reproductive system. For example, if the ovarian pain appears after ovulation and at the same time, if it is associated with sore kidneys or a generic stomach ache, it might be light of other issues. Let’s see all the possible causes of ovarian pain.


Pain associated with ovulation or cycle

As anticipated, the ovarian pain is linked to the ovulation, or the release of an egg ready to be mature (hopefully) fertilized. Occurs around the 14th day of the last menstrual period , and then about halfway through the cycle, and is manifested by specific symptoms such as loss of mucus cervical aspect of filamentous and transparent, similar to egg white, and small dense in the ovary. You can easily recognize this specific pain because it generally affects only one ovary at a time (our work alternately ovaries), or that expels the leukocyte in that month, and comes in the form of stabbing pain that may radiate to even up corresponding to the groin and leg. At times it can be too intense , but it never lasts long. The ovarian pain disappears after ovulation , but may recur during menstruation. In this case, the pain has more features cramps in the lower abdomen and is manifested in a serious way if the woman suffers from endomorphisms .

Symptom of Pregnancy

One of the symptoms of pregnancy can be a pain in the ovaries. It manifests itself in early gestation, shortly after conception, and can also be very intense, for one or both ovaries. The pain subsides proceed with the pregnancy, but if that does not happen, and if the pain in the ovaries was associated loss of mucus or blood, then it could be an ectopic pregnancy, in which case you need immediate medical intervention.

Other causes

The ovarian pain can also be the alarm bell for some more serious problem. For example, sometimes the formation of ovarian cysts occurs with some pain, although this often remains silent gynecological problem and it turns out only by pelvic ultrasound . Cysts are fluid-filled sacs that can form within the ovary or outside. Pain in ovaries and a generic and frequent stomach ache associated with a sore back or kidneys may also be caused by the PID. It is a sexually transmitted disease causing a dangerous inflammation of the reproductive organs and if left untreated can also lead to infertility. We end with tumors. Both those benign than malignant ovarian cancer are usually asymptomatic except in an advanced stage, it is important to make a regular visit to the gynecologist with ultrasound of the abdomen .


The remedies to ovarian pain depends on the problem. If it is simply the discomfort associated with menstruation or ovulation, just a mild analgesic , a hot water bottle on the tummy and a nice warm tea relaxing. Same goes for the ovarian pain typical of women pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy. If, instead, the problem is of type gynecological, such as the presence of cysts, of endomorphisms, inflammation or tumors, then, care will be decided by the doctor depending on the case.