Depression is a treatable disease and heal itself. Antidepressants can help you.

These drugs are most effective if you follow the same time, psychotherapy. Many mistakenly believe that we must choose between psychotherapy and medication. There is nothing, on the contrary, the two complement treatment. Medication and psychotherapy and unite against depression. The treatment of depression takes time. Specialists consider indeed that must last at least six months. Below this time, you may relapse. And if you have been depressed once in your life, you do not want to repeat. To heal, it is necessary to regularly monitor your treatment. This is the key to success. However, we know that three patients did not follow proper treatment.

Ensure proper adherence

Is this lack of information? Maybe. So you need to ask your doctor any questions you want, and to which it must respond. If you do not understand what you said (this is often the case), do not hesitate to ask the same questions, saying that you do not understand. If the doctor, in turn, can not answer your questions, it should tell you because, in medicine, it is still unclear lot. Often, the depressed person feels guilty because she lacks the will and did not want anything. This non-envy is part of the depressive illness. It is precisely because you are depressed you miss your will, you will find when you get better.


Effective treatment

With treatment, you will feel better fairly quickly, usually within a couple of weeks of antidepressant treatment. In about two months, you will return as you were before your illness. It should then continue your treatment even if you are well, several months or several years. Treatment failures are very rare. Sometimes it is necessary to try several antidepressants following to find one that suits you.

Your entourage is an essential complement to the successful treatment: do not hesitate to lean on your family, your friends, your spouse, talk with them about your illness. It is very helpful for your doctor to know your family, that dialogue with them and inform them. Most of the time, depressed patients are not hospitalized. Yet it is sometimes necessary when the depression is severe, relations with relatives are bad, or that the risk of suicide is important.