With a pregnancy occur for the female body a considerable burden. If the child once since then, the strain does not necessarily less. On the contrary, birth and breastfeeding women more power and even the infant’s own cost after the birth experience stress in top shape is not the same. Since it is natural to use in the various phases of pregnancy, birth and infancy, the supporting forces of osteopathy.

Not only in order to do something good, but mainly to keep the movement of the organism in the shooting and to prevent possible suffering. When Osteopathy is a holistic method for detection and cure of ailments. The tools for such treatments are only for the osteopath’s hands.


Three Principles

According to its three principles of osteopathy in the body malfunctions can be corrected before they cause problems:

The man considered to be inseparable unity, as a complex whole (this applies and should apply even more so in pregnancy.)
The importance of structure and function are two interdependent processes. Simple: If the structure’s good, you go well the organs and vice versa.
Excitation of the self-regulatory processes of the body: The osteopath does not intervene directly, he “helps the body to the jumps”, so to speak, gives him an impulse to help themselves.

The expectant mother

Why Osteopathy can be useful here? With pregnancy, the body is subjected to sudden changes in some not inconsiderable. Organs, muscles and bones must now adapt to a completely new situation. They do not always. Osteopathy is able to resolve a variety of pregnancy symptoms, or to help avoid them. An osteopath can begin treatment during the third month of pregnancy and is always very gentle and above all without any pain provocation.

Treatment areas include:

¤Back pain, especially caused by the continued If the pelvis,
¤Incontinence, urine leakage through the stress of the pelvic floor muscle
¤Shortness of breath by the position of the child, so the oxygen supply of organs is limited
¤Stomach discomfort

After birth

Around the end of the puerperium, after about six weeks, it is possible, using supportive of osteopathy in the recovery process in the body of the mother’s influence. The osteopath is this gentle pulses to restore the actual structure of the musculoskeletal system and organs. Pain, functional incontinence through the birth process, and so on here as well to their treatment.

The baby

The process of childbirth is stressful, no matter how the child is born into the world: Whether, of course, by Caesarean section, with suction cup, r pliers or even under drug influence, whether very quickly (champagne corks birth) or after a very long stay in the birth canal: The infant has experienced an extreme situation.

Through the birth process, the skull structure be moved, which hampers an undisturbed flow of the cranio-sacral pulse. Often, the midgets will be in the sequel to cry children, have trouble sleeping or Saugschwierigkeiten. Osteopathy can intervene here in a gentle way and regulating effect. Even in babies with colic or three-month premature baby, whose constitution is so weak in general, an osteopathic treatment may be beneficial. In general it can be advised to “check” a baby about six weeks after the birth of osteopaths leave, as is already in countries like France or Italy is in the mother-child care practice, because the strength of osteopathy, it is just, possible developmental disorders contrary to act before they are striking.