Lice and nits are sometimes stubborn. How to make them disappear from the head of your children without irritating the scalp?

Lice and nits are real nightmares. Especially once removed lice, nits, well protected in their cocoons, go on the attack. Industrial products are relatively effective but attack the scalp and hair and are potentially toxic. In addition, they can cause severe allergies. Besides that lice are becoming resistant to chemicals. However, there are fortunately some organic remedies that have proven to overcome these troublesome pests.

A folk remedy for mother suffocating lice: olive oil

Olive oil smothers the lice. The procedure for maximum efficiency is quite demanding but your hair will derive benefit.This is to let the hair soak up plenty full of olive oil overnight surrounded by a plastic bag or plastic wrap. A good shampoo in the morning followed by the passage of a very fine toothed comb (there are iron combs designed specifically for the removal of dead lice) will, again, the hair soft and shiny. This method, renewed once a week for a month, ensures the removal of lice and lice of new hatched nits. Warning: olive oil does not kill the nits.


White vinegar and lavender essential oil to kill lice and nits

The procedure involves filling a bowl of white vinegar and add ten drops of lavender essential oil by mixing with a fork.Then you have a long massage and rub the scalp with this mixture and soak up all the hair. Once hair is drained, it is best to be hidden under a latex swimming cap, like those used in swimming. Then we must let stand overnight and soaked the hair in the morning, comb hair with a lice comb before washing in mild shampoo.

Neutral henna kills lice and nits on hair shaft and for six months

Neutral henna, a dye not care, is an effective against lice. In addition, this plant pulverized strengthens the hair. The procedure is to prepare the henna by mixing it with warm water and apply it carefully over the entire scalp before standing preparation for 1:30. This hostile environment helps eliminate lice and nits and their reappearance. Add that lice like clean and warm environments. Unnecessary, therefore, excessive washing of the hair of your children into thinking their help. On the machine and brushes, it is essential to wash but the best is to put some time in “quarantine” as the lice, starved, do not survive very long.