A beautiful sentence mentions “the early bird catches the worm” and it is a sacred truth, as long as you get up to when you try to set things in a certain way.

Start your day is an art! First of all it is good to take care of themselves and in the morning it is important to look in the mirror with his mouth open, to check the state of health of tongue and mouth in general and, during the night, may be subject to “attacks” of different types of bacteria, that are deposited in the oral cavity.
While we sleep quietly, during the night our body work, going to eliminate the waste substances resulting from our metabolism. L ‘ oil pulling is in fact a very old technique that has the purpose Ayurvedic to improve oral hygiene, and promote the health of the mouth , from which in truth depends on the rest of the organism. It is an Indian remedy, which was then developed as a therapy in the nineties by a Russian doctor named F. Karach. ‘s how it works. What is the oil pulling To practice the technique the oil pulling is essential and very important to buy oils, organic and cold-pressed from trusted vendors.


Once opened, store them in the fridge for exclusively not lose their properties. The first tip is to practice a cleaning with clear language, easily purchased in a pharmacy or pharmacy para. The second step is to take a teaspoon of sesame oil or coconut oil to be paid in the mouth, here goes well maintained and passed on the tongue and between the teeth for at least 10 minutes, then go spit. The oil, being a fat, allows the bacteria “sticking” to it, in this way facilitates the purification of the tongue, gums and teeth. Benefits ILO pulling This simple technique is particularly effective to counteract the annoying and embarrassing problem bad breath , typical especially in the morning when you wake up. Forward away the presence of heavy metals, often contained within food and water that we introduce during the day. teeth and gums will benefit and it will become stronger , because clean in a natural way, we will have a clearer and radiant smile.