The holidays approach and said festivities said, inevitably, office parties. While some of us are waiting cheerfully for others it represents a real headache and stress in addition to all the Christmas preparations. Here are some tips to help you consider this festive event with calmness and serenity, rather than a chore!

We made a little background

If the party is held in the evening, it is good to bite into an apple or a bag of nuts rush before the event. You will bear more alcohol and you will feel better during the festival. Avoiding that the wine you up too fast to the head, you remain in full control of your means and avoid embarking on confidences. you might regret!

Wear appropriate clothing

Yes, it’s Christmas time, but this is not the Rio Carnival! Inquire in advance to see if the party will be formal or rather informal, and aim your choice of clothing depending on the area of ​​activity in which you work, while allowing you a little fantasy. Here fashionable does not mean sexy outfit, too tight or plunging neckline, you could attract disapproving looks or discredit you in the eyes of some (s) colleagues.


Introduce yourself!

Presence, however brief, will be less noticed an absence creates a vacuum. Introduce yourself, if only to convey your wishes to your bosses and colleagues who appreciate your solidarity. If the company you work for has several departments and you do not know all of its employees, take a moment to make a small tour on arrival, and simply introduce yourself. You’re shy? Ask a used or considered (e) interpersonal skills to present you a few people, through it, things will go more smoothly.

Do not aloof

Upon arrival, put your phone on vibrate mode, so you do not interrupt during a conversation. Avoid standing in the clan and speak with the same colleagues throughout the evening. Fluttering a bit, you could make some great encounters that allow you to expand your network of contacts, while giving you a better idea of ​​the environment in which you operate. And if you dream to climb the ladder in the business, enjoy the informal atmosphere offered by this kind of party to share with your superiors, even briefly, your interests and your skills to make you more aware and to give them a positive impression, they may remember at the turn of the new year.

To avoid at all costs!

Moderation, it is well known, has good taste. And if some office parties are open bar, many of them are the scene of embarrassing situations. One trick to avoid losing the card: always carry a small bottle of water or a glass of Perrier at your fingertips, just to keep a cool head and leave at the appropriate time, in a state that you will not shame the next day. And if you like a colleague or flirting openly with you, invite them to become a friend on Facebook or a coffee during the holidays rather than initiating a connection, live like that, on the dance floor!

Thank the organizers

Do not leave the premises without taking the time to thank the organizers, who will surely have invested time and energy in the hope that all staff have a good time. If you need to leave before the end of the evening, while the party is in full swing, excuse yourself quietly, and avoid to kiss everyone. A small thank you card will make a difference to the organizers and will be seen as a mark of distinction and etiquette.