The office chair should not be underestimated. Ergonomic factors are essential to choosing the right office chair. What to look for?

Ergonomics is a topic you are in the office sector is playing an increasingly larger presence. A sedentary job for several hours due to the unilateral burden leads to back pain. The lack of movement and the permanent seats lead to a strain on the back, which is often underestimated. An ergonomic chair can reduce the stress on the back. Regular breaks in which the position is changed or targeted relaxation or stretching exercises allow to use one to keep the spine healthy.

Ergonomics – What is it?

Ergonomics is a term derived from the two Greek words “ergon” and “nomos”. Nomos is translated as a rule or law, and the word translated ergon work or work means. “Legality of the work” is a term which refers to the concept of ergonomics aptly. The teaching of ergonomics is concerned with the creation of optimal working conditions and the impact of work on the back. The primary purpose of the ergonomics of the protection of health. Chairs with an ergonomic form must be manufactured under strict predetermining requirements.


Requirements of an ergonomic chair

An ergonomic chair is designed aligned to the back for a work on the screen. The backrest has a flexibility which allows the chair to the movements of the body adjusts. Furthermore, it is important that an office chair may be adjusted individually. The correct seat height, the height of the armrests and the height of the backrest can be adjusted with high-end models will. The “perfect” setting the height represents the basis for a back-friendly work.

There exists an ergonomics seal, which is attached after a successful test of the back visible. The seat angle of the chair should be adjustable, which is important for an individual adjustment to the proportions in large or small people. Padding increases comfort, and therefore a large proportion of office chairs having such equipment.

For Sale – What should you know?

With the acquisition of an ergonomic chair, it is important to pay attention to several criteria. A solid state, and at least five roles are necessary to safely get to the chair from A to B. The wheels turn in different versions under the name braked and unbraked offered. Unbraked wheels come on carpet used during braking castors are suitable for smooth surfaces. The seal of approval “GS” is used in Europe since 1977, to make it clear that the office chair meets the minimum requirements. For working on the computer, it is advisable also to pay attention to the certificate BG or TUV Rheinland ergonomics.