The whir of the drill, the smell of medicine and the delivered result in many people riding position even before the dental visit a queasy feeling. With the help of nature can significantly reduce these negative emotions.

Selected Bach flowers provide more composure in front of the infamous doctor visit.The English physician and researcher, Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) discovered in the 30s of last century, the special effect of 38 wild plants and trees. The flower essences to create a healthy balance between body and soul.Specially trained professionals create detailed discussions on an appropriate selection of flowers for complex problems. Simple ailments but can also be solved even with the help of literature and the like.


The effect of Bach Flowers for dental problems related to feelings of anxiety before a dental visit.
Two German studies confirm the relaxing effects of natural remedies before dental treatment. Up to 90 percent of patients felt fear the effect of the following two means as good or very good.

First Rescue Remedy (or Rescue Remedy)
They act against general anxiety.

Second Mimulus

This agent is used in concrete fears about before spraying. Bach flowers are available without prescription in pharmacies, mainly in liquid form in 20 ml vials, about 14 €. Rescue Remedy (a mixture of five selected Bach flower) is obtained as well as a spray or lozenges.Just one day before the dental visit should be the essence of respective drugs several times. This gives you either two or four drops of Mimulus drops of the mixture into an emergency glass of still mineral water and drink sips of this. An overdose is not possible and even side effects are excluded.

Thus, Bach flowers are also ideal for use in children. Which offer themselves in this case, the visual and taste appealing especially lozenges of emergency drops. In droplet form Bach flower can further be absorbed through the skin and is applied behind the ear or on the temples.In addition, selected dentists in their practices to offer the use of Bach flowers. Although dental visits will in future be hardly a pleasure . they are inspired by nature but make a little more relaxed.