Nutritious, oats are suitable for all ages and for both young people and for older people

Originally from Southern Southern Europe, oats is a plant that belongs to the family of grasses and reaches 1 m high. Its flowers and grains are grouped in pairs and in ears. Oats contain many substances including:

* The-starch: 60 to 70%
* Carbohydrates including carbohydrates
* Protein: 14%
* Them fat: 7%
* Lecithin
* Vitamins A and-B
* The pantothenic acid
* Enzymes
* Minerals: calcium, phosphorus, silicon
* Trace elements

These elements give this cereal its many medicinal properties including being:

* Sedative-: when the sound of oats is taken as a tea, it has a sedative effect on the nervous system
* Toning: avenin a toning and balancing effect on the nervous system
* Anti-depressive: Oatmeal is very effective for depression or nervousness
* Anti-stress: useful for those who suffer from stress
* Sleeping: oatmeal are excellent for insomnia
* Toned oats because of its exceptional nutritional qualities are very useful in case of physical or mental fatigue as invigorates the body and nervous system.


Thus, it is also suitable for those who suffer from impotence.

* Digestive: It is recommended for people in recovery period and those who suffer from digestive disorders.
* Protective-skin: in the form of oil or cream, oat extracts are used to treat dry and sensitive skin.

Energy-as oats are remineralizing and revitalizing: recommended for students, they stimulate memory and are very useful during exam periods (lecithin, minerals, vitamins). The more oats is that it is indicated for people with diabetes because regulates sugar levels in the blood and lowers the blood cholesterol. Indeed, the fiber forming oat bran, absorbs bile acids in intestinal and expels feces. Oat bran and forcing the body to produce more bile acids necessary for the digestive process.

The sound that destroys the bad cholesterol, LDL, however it does not affect the good cholesterol, HDL, which is why it is stated against arteriosclerosis. Very nutritious and digestive, oats have many virtues as well as medicinal nutritious they are recommended for conditions digestive problems or nervous disorders (stress, nervousness, depression, overwork), diabetes . Oats are a food remedy par excellence combines well-being as food and health to the body.