Undeniably Nuts are indispensable as a valuable energy source when it comes to a full and at the same time modern diet.

Whether walnuts, hazelnuts or peanuts – supplies approximately one serving of which we have already with valuable vitamins, protein and Co. However, with around 700 calories.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown: When it comes to nuts, the appropriate product type in the wide world of food is quite versatile. Of cashew nuts about Brazil nuts to hazelnuts, walnuts or peanuts, in fact, the range is now quite extensive. Surely the fruit – nuts belong to the category “nuts” – in comparison to other foods relatively high in calories. However, one should remember that the saturation effect after eating nuts holding also relatively long. Shall recommend the German Nutrition Society, eat about 25 grams per day. Studies in this regard have also shown that nuts delight in its different variations in young and old an almost ever-growing popularity.

Small amount – “large” effect

In any case, they take with respect to our health is a very important priority. Following positive features walnut fruit is said to have, among other things: you

* strengthen the performance
* help to promote the concentration of wealth
* actively prevent heart and circulation diseases
* Reduce Cholesterol
* strengthen the immune system
* bring the immune system “on tour”
* promote digestion
* stabilize the nervous system
* are a real energy boost


The valuable ingredients have it “in itself”

Nuts contain the essential ingredients for the human body that have a consistently positive impact on our health. These are the essential elements of the “precious” fruits:

* Protein
* Magnesium
* several B vitamins
* E vitamins
* Roughage
* Zinc
* Potassium
* unsaturated fatty acids
* Iron
* Folate
* Copper

As different as the substances contained in nuts are so delicious and tasty they are. Best: Nuts can be cooked in many ways and thus easily included in our daily diet.

The variety makes it

Nuts are certainly extremely popular snacks that can be eaten between meals or a leisurely evening with pleasure on the couch. However, it makes sense to also, for example, to process them in baked goods. Cookies, cakes and breads with nuts (no matter what type) can be used as a component in fact be true culinary delights. But even sauces and dips can be prepared with nuts quickly and easily. In addition, they nevertheless come as roasted crust or filling always like to use. Anyone with a shaker and is regularly in the morning sipping a soothing refreshing drink would do well in any case, because even a few nuts – according to taste – add to admit. This not only provides for a “pithy” enjoyment. But this “crunchy” adding tastes good, too really tasty and is a very vitamin-rich fresh kick therefore represents the ideal fruit for a perfect start to the day.