Fish oils, green tea, pomegranate, goji berries are without moderation to protect the skin from aging.

Some foods have antioxidant and youth are real foods: their richness in omega-3, polyphenols, vitamins protects our cells from aging. In fact, we now know that antioxidants, like essential fatty acids are essential to limit the deterioration of our cells, especially those of the skin that lead to the reduction of the thickness of the epidermis, dermis and collagen fibers causing wrinkles. To limit or delay the onset of wrinkles, it should favor the consumption of antioxidant foods. Of these, some are particularly effective.

Fish oils

They are extracted from oily fish and contain omega 3 fatty acids in good quantity good for the heart, brain, joints and memory. To take advantage of their benefits, should consume 100 g of salmon, sardine, mackerel 2 to 3 times per week or opt for capsules that you can buy in a drugstore cost about 15 euros for 3 months.


Goji berries

These are excellent anti-fatigue due to their vitamin C three times larger than the orange. In addition, these fruits from Asia also contain carotenoids that protect skin from UV rays and stimulate the immune system. It should be consumed preferably dried juice rather than because they ultimately prove quite poor goji berries (no more than 15%). A small handful of goji berries is 20-30 grams per day ensures a good supply. They can be purchased in stores or organic diet (about 8 euros to 100 g).

Green tea

The green tea is packed full of youth through its polyphenols that are found to be powerful antioxidants. They delay the aging of skin, but also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and certain cancers. To benefit from its effects, we must drink 3 times a day. Green tea is readily available in supermarkets.


Sprinkle dish this spice once a day, given half a teaspoon, not only brings a nice flavor but also makes the body get its anti-inflammatory and digestive diseases and act on degenerative diseases such as certain cancers.


Its effectiveness is similar to that of tea but three times. Its richness in polyphenols is a real elixir of youth against skin aging. Drink 250 ml every day in the form of juice is a good option.

The mulberry

This fruit originated in Asia or the Middle East contains iron, vitamin C and especially resveratrol found in many anti-aging creams. that’s how consume regularly, cure a month, 20 grams per day can improve the quality of the skin.