The nutrition education is not a school subject, but the probably soon become. E ‘became indispensable, in fact, fight the alarming phenomenon of obesity and overweight with appropriate programs that teach people, starting from early childhood, what is the food, what nutrients we need to maintain our health, and how foods must be cooked in order to fulfill their properties. In short, the fundamentals. The truth is that we no longer eat, we missed the good food traditions “poor” for a time (the Mediterranean diet UNESCO World Heritage Site), but we have replaced them with a balanced diet and especially aware .


That is why an initiative like the campaign Obesity Day , which is celebrated for the past 10 years, October 10 , it is useful to raise awareness about the importance of Italian control everything we take into our body. Going to go shopping at the supermarket, we are often ensnared by consumer products and highly advertised, of which we are not just hoard we find special offers without checking either the quality or if, indeed, is what is lacking in our pantry. How many “duplicate” buy without even knowing it? And how simple foods we eat, than industrial that are full of preservatives and sodium glucose or “hidden”?

The figures speak for themselves, a people living in Italy more and more fat , with all the implications for the health that we know. Excess weight, especially in childhood and adolescence, predisposes to many serious diseases, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and vascular disease, the tumors . Not to mention the impact on the joints, blood circulation, on the spine. So that people will not feel abandoned in their fight against the pounds, at dell Obesity Day ‘s ADI (Italian Association of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition) provides its experts in many hospitals, free , offering advice and provide valuable information on the subject of food education, dietetics and nutrition.