During the first months of an infant’s life are really molt re the hours spent to breastfeed and it is often not easy to find a position that is comfortable for mom and baby. Indeed, we know that to maintain a proper position during lactation is of paramount importance to help prevent the baby from possible problems, such as sore nipples breast. A versatile and convenient tool to help mom and baby during breastfeeding is the Nursing cushion, thanks to which it is possible to adopt different positions adapting to the various stages the growth of the baby and the convenience of the mother.

Obviously if they are many different models on the market, but if you want a Nursing cushion tailor-made for you and you just need to pick up a needle and thread and put to work following this tutorial! This type of pillow has a special feature: two tapes a few inches from the ends that allow you to adjust the length as needed. For example if you use it as a pillow pregnancy can keep it shorter, and therefore more full, while as a nursing pillow, untying one or both of the tapes, I’ll make longer. Materials needed:


* A rectangle of about 110 x 60 cm cotton canvas
* Two circles of about 18 cm in diameter (for simplicity we may use a plate of medium size to draw circles)
* Two tapes
* About 3 pounds of barley husk for the filling

The Spelt is rich in silicon, which will be released through the weave cotton for a calming effect, and also allows a perfect breath ability, preventing the accumulation of dust, dust mites or moisture. Procedure:

1 – Cut the fabric according to the measurements shown , as shown in the picture.
2 – To make the “binary” where are inserted and slide the ribbons can be used or pieces of cotton tape or scraps of cloth long enough. Sew the two tapes at about 15 cm from the edges, leaving space to slide the ribbon.
3 – Insert the tapes in binary helping with a safety pin.
4 – While holding the fabric inside out, sew the long side in order to obtain a tube. At the point where the two ribbons come out you will need to leave a small opening to allow you to get out of the pillow, scroll down and buttonhole.
5 – To be sure you do not bait the barley husk, applied behind two pieces of cloth or fusible fabric. Leave about 10 cm free also to be able to bring the work at the stem.
6 – Always work with the reverse sew the two circles at the ends.
7 – Carry straight to work and fill with spelled chaff.
8 – Close the opening and adjusts the tapes to the desired length Now you can enjoy your pillow, or give it to a friend: it is a perfect gift for an expectant mother! Remember only that the barley husk can not be washed, you will not have to refresh the pillow help but let a day in the sun and empty when you wash the cotton pillowcase.