Once it was the nose to the French, and small point upwards, calling the shots. Today the most requested, by the British of course, but it seems that we are becoming increasingly popular among Italian, is to Kate Middleton: law and with a rounded tip. Changing the reference models, but the myth of the perfect nose does not lose polish and the reason is simple: by anatomically, the new nose is the element that gives harmony and character to the face and when you perceive as excessive suffers the overall image that we have of ourselves.

new nose

According to the latest data, to date the rhinoplasty surgery is the most requested: 23 892 interventions in 2013, + 55.4% compared to 2012, with a very high percentage of male demands. Changing patterns, then, but also change the techniques, pointing increasingly towards naturalness of the results and reduced inventiveness. Among the most relevant in this area, is gaining the rinofiller, or infiltration of sub dermal fillers to correct or improve moderate alterations of the nasal profile or outcome of rhinoplasty using traditional techniques. The intervention, which has the great advantage of being minimally invasive and allow rapid recovery takes place in outpatient and takes a few minutes and no convalescence.

After disinfecting the area and injected a few drops of local anesthetic, you do the infiltration of fillers whether or semi permanent. Once finished the surgery, the patient can return to normal activities immediately, taking care to avoid activities traumatic for a few days. Typically, one or two sessions are enough to make corrections, while the need to repeat the treatment is related to the type of material used. Generally are not found contraindications, if not a bit ‘of swelling and bruising small, but it is an intervention to be avoided in the case of particularly allergic subjects. The cost of a session of rinofiller fluctuates between 350 and 1200 Euros.