Liposuction, laser therapy, acupuncture are many solutions to the problem of cellulite and stretch marks

The skin and its functions

The skin care or epidermis is a flexible and durable fabric made ​​of several layers of cells. It performs many important functions for the health of the body:

* Protection function: the skin defends us microorganisms that surround us
* Removal function: sweat or perspiration helps eliminate toxins and metabolic waste
* Sensory function: as the skin contains many nerve endings, it can “feel” by touching everything around us


Cellulite is the inflammation of the subcutaneous cellular tissue, giving the skin a dimpled appearance in “orange peel” but also a deposit of fat on the buttocks commonly called “saddlebags”. It is well located in the pelvis and thighs.

It is due to deposition of toxins and water retention. The phytotherapeutic treatment to fight against cellulite. In addition to local applications that is to say, the external treatment through lotions, compresses or poultices, there is the internal processing through herbal teas, infusions or other. The focus for the treatment of cellulite is made ​​both internally and externally. It is through cleansing herbs facilitate the elimination of toxins from the blood through urine and sweat, to draining plants improving liver function and accelerate the detoxification process and finally laxative plants eliminating all substances from metabolism, the phytotherapeutic treatment is effective internally.


Internal processing:

The most common herbs used to fight cellulite are:

* Dandelion in the form of juice or tea (leaves and roots), is the best blood purifier as it improves liver function and prevents auto-intoxication
* Birch as an infusion (leaves and buds), cleanses the skin of impurities in the case of cellulite
* The form of fresh lemon juice only, improves liver drainage
* Rosemary is the liver it helps to regenerate the liver and promotes more, the elimination of toxic wastes from the body
* The essential oils of birch, lemon, cypress, juniper, geranium, hyssop also agree:
* You just have to take three (3) drops of EO in a tablespoon of evening primrose oil.

External treatment:

Lotions or compresses based butcher (decoction of the rhizome and root), compresses (decoction of leaves) or poultices of ivy leaves and horsetail are external treatment. Creams silicon are safer and much more effective, associated with internal processing. Massage with essential oils of birch, lemon, cypress, juniper, geranium, hyssop is recommended because it is very effective. Stretch marks are a breakdown of the elastic fibers of the skin due to degeneration of the connective tissue that form. Brands yellowish, reddish and pearly depending on the type of skin color, they are unsightly and are as a rule due to distension of the skin.