The desire to quit smoking is strong, but it is equally difficult not to touch the cigarettes! There are ways and choices for all-natural stop smoking, let’s see what!

Quitting smoking means to restore health to our body, starting from the simple concept that cigarettes and their nefarious content put a strain on the reserves of vitamins and minerals in our body. The first thing to do is to choose a diet rich in minerals and vitamins. If you decide to quit smoking is good immediately run for cover and build a diet rich and colorful, made ​​of fruits and vegetables in season. These foods make the body even fibers, which give a sense of satiety as to ward off dangerous food temptations such as snacks or sweets. Small and simple tips green Bring to work a kind of bent, moving from house fennel, celery, carrots and so on.


Natural breaks of hunger, practical and low in calories. When you are assailed by hunger, open your bent magic and try to chew a stalk of celery or fennel, and the cigarette will be replaced in a healthy way. Herbal Teas Anti-Smoking Among all the types of teas, one of the most suitable one can be based on: eucalyptus, lime, thyme, lavender and black currants. These same natural substances can be used in the form of essential oil, especially eucalyptus, lavender and thyme, but also that, put on a towel, give immediate relief. A Valerian herbal tea or an infusion of linden and verbena are indicated above before get under the sheets, for those who must take his bad habit of smoking a cigarette before going to bed. St. John’s Wort Its essential oil is said to have a stimulating effect in cases of depression, but would also have effects on smoking addiction.

A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic along with the National Cancer Institute of the United States, it was found that, after 24 patients administered daily at the St. John’s wort, after 12 weeks, 40% of trial participants have stopped smoking. Before the approval of this plant is always good to consult with your doctor. Artichokes and detoxifying If your body must be detoxified after years of smoking, then fill up on artichokes! Be eaten raw in salads, cooked in the form of risotto, in short as you like. Licorice Even the use of licorice can have a great detoxifying effect, it also has a positive stimulus on blood pressure. The roots can be sucked and who does it get in effect a kind of “surrogate” cigarette. Certainly nicotine addiction is hard to fight and you have to be very tenacious and motivated, but as they say “to want is power,” thinking which is all to the benefit of our health and of those around us!