Some plants can help prevent and treat skin problems, protect your skin and hair after the treatment against cancer.

During and after chemotherapy or radiation therapy, side effects of treatment on the skin, hair, eyelashes or hair can be heavy consequences. On the other hand, plants may also help relieve the side effects on your body these treatments. Here are some ideas of plants that can help you preserve and renew your skin and your hair naturally, and to relieve sore chemo.

Natural treatments for the skin when chemotherapy or radiotherapy: which plants to use?

Aloe vera or Aloe is a plant preferred to care for your skin during and after cancer treatment. Sovereign natural remedy for burns, aloe also takes care of your skin by counteracting the side effects of chemo. As demonstrated by these studies scientists, aloe is used to treat dermatitis and skin lesions caused by radiation by accelerating the healing and cell renewal. (This is also a reason why aloe is considered an excellent anti-wrinkle and skin care in general!).


You can adopt the use of aloe vera gel as a day cream and body cream for the duration of treatment. Calendula cream (organic shop brand Welleda) can also be very useful, think in this case to apply a thick layer as a mask on your face. Indeed, calendula soothes redness and pampers irritated skin while treating the skin lesions.

Protecting hair, eyebrows and eyelashes during chemo or radiation: natural treatments

Among the side effects more difficult to live with chemo or radiation, hair loss, eyebrows and eyelashes in a strong position. If it is known that hair eventually push a few weeks, at most a few months after treatment, you can try to protect and accelerate their growth. Of course during treatment, stop all aggressive treatment: permanent stains, smoothing should be avoided. You can wash your hair with a mild shampoo with aloe vera (found in stores or organic or radius Organic cosmetics in some supermarkets. Remember to apply on your hair regularly in aloe gel mask. To promote and stimulate regrowth of hair and eyelashes, consider the nettle tea: rich in silicon , it not only removes toxins and stimulates the elimination, but increasingly it is ideal to promote nail growth hair and eyelashes.

Natural treatments to relieve sore chemo or radiotherapy: what plants?

To relieve nausea and vomiting during treatment, think ginger. This plant is also effective against nausea herbal sore transport or to treat digestive problems, will help reduce the effects of states nauseous after treatments. You can also purchase the essential oil of peppermint, to carry with you to the breathing or massage your time with a few drops in case of nausea.

After treatment, remember to make a cure of ginkgo biloba. This tree represents one of the oldest known tree species (nearly 200 million years) is the sole survivor! Indeed, it is often found after natural disasters or man made disasters such as Hiroshima, ginkgo biloba and repels survives even in areas completely devastated. This tree can reach 2500 years is also one source of antioxidants most remarkable: remember to take a cure in ampoules or capsules. (But be careful: it is also known to thin the blood, think if you are already on treatment of blood thinner). Some recommend also adding to his diet of miso , miso (fermented paste made from soybeans) because miso contains a metal chelator toxic or carcinogenic: to include every day in soups Miso, for example. Of course, in case of doubt or question the opinions of your doctors and your pharmacist’s advice will help you better choose natural treatments complementary to your main treatment.