When we are caught by a sharp pain, we pass it off as soon as possible by taking the first drug that we might be effective to solve the problem. However, there are also alternatives without chemical principles: these are the natural remedies for toothache.

Sometimes you see in cartoons funny characters with a handkerchief tied around his head and a swollen cheek, followed by an expression sore for a severe toothache. Of course the scene is usually fun, but there is very little to laugh about if you try toothache! Instead of immediately resorting to drugs, we try to push through the pain with some natural remedies offered by Mother Nature. devil’s claw is particularly used for joint pain, but also pain caused by inflammation like that, often heavy, teeth! Known already in ancient Chinese medicine, today we are usually employed in phytotherapy level, in the form of drops. onion and garlic More known for their excellent properties as culinary flavoring, they can go back very useful when the teeth they give us pain, because of these bulbs it uses the numbing effect, especially to quiet the pain from tooth decay. Simply crush a clove of garlic and apply it on the painful area. While the onion is more useful for gingival inflammation: a slice chewing raw.


Therefore, if the oral cavity to power of attorney problems, here’s what to do: you can use the essential oil of cloves to put in the dose of one drop, at most two, directly on the painful area, or prepare a simple infusion and use it warm to gargle and rinse. Or, try chewing someone and you will see the calming effect at the level of pain.

Leaves of mint can be used directly on the part that causes pain, because on it will be able to play a soothing and anti-inflammatory, and of course disinfectant. Chamomile not only sleep, but also to give relief to reddened gums, which can then involve the teeth, it will be sufficient to use a cotton swab dipped in a sweet infusion of chamomile tea to dab the sore.