There are several reasons why a person can suffer joint pain. Perhaps a bad move is due to a chronic illness or maintains the same posture for many hours. Did you know that there are natural remedies for joint pain? Meet the most effective in the following article.

Herbal medicine for joint pain

Thanks to plants and natural herbs can reduce pain and inflammation, improve mobility and stop your joints wear. Infusions or decoctions of the following species will make you feel much better:


It has antioxidant properties that reduce wear of cartilage in patients with osteoarthritis. You can add this herb in your sauces, soups and meats. It is also advised to drink a tea made with one teaspoon of dried plant per cup of boiling water.

relieve joint pain


This plant has diuretic properties and helps us to remove fluids that accumulate in the joints  swollen. To build on its strengths, we need to consume up to three cups a day of a decoration made from the dried root of the plant one tablespoon per ¼ liter of water, let stand 10 minutes and strain.


It is a plant that is used to reduce joint pain. You can grate a little and spread by your salads or buy powder. Another option is to prepare a tea with a teaspoon of dried root per cup of boiling water.


It has many diuretic and anti – inflammatory properties and, therefore, is excellent for treating people with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. With preparations birch, the affected area it also serves to remove fluids that accumulate in the area. Make a tea with a teaspoon of dried leaves per cup of water.

Other home remedies for joint pains

Besides taking advantage of the properties of natural herbs, you can use any of the following home treatments to reduce joint pain:

Cod liver oil

It is available in health food and health food stores. Consuming three servings of cod, a week prevents inflammatory joint diseases such as arthritis. Another very effective option is cod liver oil. One study said that 86% of those who had consumed fewer enzymes in damaged cartilage.

Green Tea

It is a wonderful antioxidant and has many properties that help reduce fluid accumulation and fat. If you have joint pain due to overweight this infusion is perfect. Moreover, poly phones reduce cartilage damage.


The pineapple fresh directly or juice can reduce pain caused by inflamed joints. This is because it contains an enzyme called broke laid. Remember to consume fresh not canned or cooked, so do not lose their nutrients.


Linseed or flax seed is a very potent natural remedy joint pain. The reason is its great contribution of Omega 3 fatty acids the same as those bluefish.


This plant is not only good when eaten in various preparations, but we can also use it to compress and rub the painful area. Heat a cabbage leaf in the oven or water bath and applied to the affected until cool joint.


While drinking chamomile tea is very relaxing for your muscles and joints, also this flower can help reduce pain and swelling topically. Place a few drops of chamomile essential oil in the affected area and performs circular massage exerting some pressure. Do not rinse and let the oil is absorbed through the skin.