Natural remedies for hemorrhoids rectal can provide great relief to people who suffer from this irritating and uncomfortable condition. It is normal that when you present this problem, come accompanied by a series of all pleasant symptoms such as bleeding, irritation, itching and pain. For this reason, natural remedies you use must also be effective in treating these other problems.


This is a plant known for its many medicinal properties many centuries ago. When it comes to rectal hemorrhoids, aloe vera can be applied to reduce the burning sensation. In addition, the aloe has a natural softness and anti – inflammatory qualities that make it ideal for reducing problems such as irritation and inflammation.

Mango seed

These seeds have anti inflammatory components that can take advantage of all you need are put to dry a seed of handle and crush to a powder. These seeds are also well known to be very useful when it comes to hemorrhoids and rectal symptoms that are associated with them. All you have to do is leave in water some coriander seeds overnight and consume the solution the next morning. The most uncomfortable symptoms, such as bleeding and areas that have burning and itching can be easily relieved with this remedy. This is due to its anti – inflammatory properties, antioxidants are helpful for your stomach.


We can use a mixture of bayberry, myrrh, and white oak as an ointment to relieve pain and burning caused by rectal hemorrhoids. The other two ingredients have anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties that numb the area while gradually the banana.

Mask banana and coconut oil

Potassium is an essential mineral found in bananas in large quantities. To treat rectal hemorrhoids, you can eat mashed banana cooked with a little milk. This will reduce the burning sensation thanks to the potassium relaxes blood vessels leading to a much lower stress and reducing pressure on the rectal veins. Moreover, this mineral also acts as a binding agent, at shrinking or tightening the tissues of your body, including those that are inflamed and irritated.

The Cranberries

You can put a spoonful of blueberries crushed in cheesecloth and place it directly on the hemorrhoids rectal s. This will help relieve the uncomfortable feeling of pain and burning that causes this problem. The anti-inflammatory properties of blueberries are very effective so in many cases also often recommend them for stomach and intestinal disorders. This perhaps is one of the most recognized and recommended for rectal burning natural remedies.

Just dip around 4 figs overnight and drink the water they were soaked in the morning. If you do it on an empty stomach, they will have much more effect. The application of heat and cold in rectal hemorrhoids is to soothe the burning sensation they cause.

You can sit in a tub of hot water and after some time, apply a cold compress to the area. Altering temperature interval acts just as you would in any other area of the body were swollen. So, this technique helps reduce swelling and improve blood flow, so does that hemorrhoids heal faster. You can apply it directly on the rectal hemorrhoids with cotton to help eliminate the burning sensation and other signs associated with this problem.