The world of advertising touting yogurt or drugs against the common disorder, mainly female, the annoying swollen belly. What to do to avoid this? And above all, what are the moves to prevent this annoying problem? Causes of bloating The swollen belly is very often a symptom related to a state of stress. In fact, Michael Gershon, a scientist at Columbia University, explained that the gut is our second brain, assumptions and pre-shared idea and underlined by many other doctors and researchers and philosophers! The emotions often turn into a growling stomach full of air and throwing a tantrum to work well, with negative effects on the intestine which is hard to operate. When a situation becomes thinking or working the outburst of the head is difficult and unbearable, that’s the belly reacts swelling. too, according to Chinese medicine if your belly is swollen the cause is to be found not in what you eat, but rather within the we are experiencing an emotional level.


The bloating is related to anxiety which conveys the stomach because he can not get out of other parts, or by mouth or nose. And that’s how you create that nagging feeling in the gut of “windbag”. Causes, however, could also be linked to reasons like food, such as some forms of intolerance. So the first step to finding the right solution swelling to the problem is to understand its origin, the only way we act in the right way and avoid the problem. Physical Activity Moving and do exercise definitely helps both the stomach and the intestines, but also helps to counteract the stress that As we know, it is free thanks to the movement of our body. let’s try So not a good swim, a bike ride in the open, or one race together with our dog. Contact with nature is of great benefit, not only physical but also psychological.

Artisan other great help can be to prepare good and healthy teas . You can, knowing the herbs and their needs, and be prepared to go in herbal mix that suits us, ask also the herb. In general, the ginger , for this disorder, it is really a big help. Power If the power to cause unpleasant swelling, you should definitely understand what food can give you this problem, if it is the milk for example, or the yeast ( In this case, attention to baked goods, bread and biscuits as well as beer, wine and fruit juices) or other foods maybe judged unexpected. You can consult your doctor who will prescribe the most appropriate analysis.