There are several natural remedies for sore throat, on which we can rely on when we are affected by the cold , from flu or seasonal allergies. The nature can give us a real hand to find relief of inflammation, which is usually the direct result of a respiratory infection . The different natural substances , which are proving well-being of our allies, also stimulating the body’s immune defenses. Among these solutions proposed by the natural medicine , lemon, onion, the essential oil of eucalyptus, licorice, salt. The herbal medicine comes in handy with infusions of elder, mallow or mantle.

Very useful lemon , able to implement an antibacterial natural remedies. E ‘can disinfect the mouth, if you make the gargle . You may need to use water and a few drops of juice is fine fresh lemonade, to find relief from heartburn. You can fight a sore throat even with the essential oil of marjoram, which also proves to be effective to suppress the cough and to make easier the removal of phlegm. For this purpose, the votes are suffumigations. the dried leaves of the plant. There is also a special syrup marjoram, which can be used especially in cases of dry cough .


Do not forget the honey . The latter is rich in antioxidants, among which there are also vitamin C and flavoring. Precisely for this reason it is effective in fighting infections . Also, being thick and sweet, can stimulate saliva, fighting infection and reducing the presence of mucus, to liberate thus their ears from the congestion that affects all the respiratory system . Some even resort to onion. It, like of ‘ garlic , may be considered an antibiotic and a natural anti-inflammatory . You can prepare a herbal tea made ​​from onion skins. The latter must be boiled in water, filters and everything you drink.

Try the essential oil of eucalyptus. Its benefits are due all’eucaliptolo, a substance that has the germicidal properties. Its use provides for recourse to a few drops in a glass of warm water to gargle.
Excellent licorice, especially to relieve pain. Remember to use it along with the bay leaves to get a therapeutic herbal tea, they can drink even children, if one of the symptoms manifest well as the presence of fever .

Some people use the application of salt . In fact, this can be effective especially before going to sleep, whereas during the night the bacteria proliferate, since there occurs the passage of food or liquid. The salt reacts by destroying the cell walls of bacteria. Essential also herbal remedies, which can also be used in pregnancy or during the period of breastfeeding . The more suitable for the teas are chamomile, orange, elderberry , mallow and lady’s mantle. The latter will serve about 60 grams per 1 liter of water. Of the remaining 10 grams are sufficient, to mix the lemon juice.