Hay fever, allergic rhinitis, pollen, pollution, dust or grass, there are remedies against the grandmother and seasonal spring allergies.

Whenever spring comes, some are pleased to see the flowers growing, birds singing, leaves that open each day a little more as the days get longer. But for many people, the return of spring is accompanied by signs which they gladly pass: runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes and watery. The return of spring, for these people is not really good news! But how to treat these spring allergies, allergic rhinitis or other hay fever treatments through natural herbal?

What is allergic rhinitis, what are the causes of hay fever?

Allergic rhinitis, hay fever or respiratory allergy spring? Allergic rhinitis is caused by excessive sensitivity of our immune system to an external element (pollen, animal hair, dust) which, for others, does not cause absolutely no reaction. It is therefore an “error” that causes the immune system to defend against an imaginary danger, an inflammatory reaction. Throughout the body then responds to this war that is triggered: production of histamine and other substances that will dilate blood vessels and increase the secretions. Runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing are occurring at a breakneck pace. Allergic rhinitis, hay fever or respiratory allergy spring, what are the differences? Whatever name we give to these symptoms, the consequences are much the same: life becomes unbearable for the allergy sufferer. There is also a form of persistent rhinitis, in which case, instead of diminishing after the pollen season and spring, the symptoms last all year.


What natural remedies to help alleviate and prevent symptoms of hay fever?

What remedy take oligotherapy against hay fever? A first remedy to adopt preventive and curative for anyone sensitive to hay fever or allergic rhinitis, but also in asthma: magnesium chloride. Remedy this “miracle” that costs almost nothing is the friend of our immune system, we have seen in the genesis of symptoms of allergic rhinitis, reacts excessively to be harmless in itself. Magnesium helps to decrease the intensity and frequency of asthma attacks, but also hay fever. So start a course (capsules, ampoules or Nigari , marine magnesium chloride) to change the “ground”, that is to say, to act upstream, before the onset of symptoms.

Garlic can also help you: in addition to its well known action against the vampires, the good garlic (Allium sativum) is the ally of our immune system. Prefer garlic capsules rather than raw garlic or dried, unless the particular smell of a clove of garlic repels you. Garlic added to salads, sauces, meat pies and is a good way to stay healthy every day. Antiseptic, hypotensive, antisclerosante vascular draining the gallbladder, garlic has a much greater scope to only hay fever, but for those affected, reducing their allergy symptoms will already be miraculous!

Try also, in homeopathy, Sabadilla (9 CH) when sneezing, 3 granules morning and evening, and Euphrasia (9 CH), 3 granules morning and evening, against the watery eyes. Of course, always follow the prescriptions of your doctor in case of allergic rhinitis, and especially in asthma. If you are prone to spring fatigue, you can discover natural remedies for naturally find the form by clicking here .