How to fight the annoying menstrual pain, sometimes disabling, with totally natural remedies.

The menstrual pain can be a real problem: if some feel just a little bit bad for your stomach, for other things are more complex and abdominal cramps associated with a sharp pain in my head, back pain especially in the lower back, nausea and mood bad. The pain can be so strong that having to give up work and the daily grind and just have the need to be lying in the dark with something warm on your stomach and a cup of hot tea on the bedside table in the hope that it passes quickly .

Menstrual pain, also known as gonorrheal, a term normally used in gynecology, are specifically cramps of uterine origin that are evident during the menstrual period, with varying intensity from woman to woman. During the cycle, the woman produces significant amounts of propagandist through the uterine lining, or econometric, from here you can develop in a subjective uterine contractions of these different entities. Hence the origin of the pain. cramps that are felt in the lower abdomen can originate as a result:


* Nausea
* Pain in my head
* Breast evil and in some cases the lower limbs
* Tiredness
* Diarrhea or constipation
* Cold sensations

Among the factors that may affect pain there are also those psychological and environmental factors, such as the stress is one of the main causes.

To alleviate this debilitating malaise and sometimes there are, as always, to help natural remedies. Here are some tips easy and simple to implement:

The essential oils are also suitable at this time of the month, should be applied with gentle massage on the points that are bad, then some in particular can be recommended, including point out:

* Oils with capsaicin alkaloid derivative of chili;
* Based oils menthol (peppermint), have refreshing and at the same time relaxing
* Based oils of arnica, widely used in homeopathy to combat muscle pain and flu

Minerals and vitamins should always be served and during menstruation is good to eat in a more careful, increase the intake of certain minerals such as magnesium, iron and vitamin B6. Go ahead and then to the cereals, including rice and wheat (bread). Among the excellent banana fruit and nuts, legumes prefer between the beans and soybeans, while for animal protein meat and fish (salmon, cod, for example ).

Despite the pain sometimes forces you to bed, I’m very recommended the relaxation exercises , such as those that take place with yoga, and more generally okay to make sport activities, while not try too.

A natural and ancient is represented by acupuncture . According to Chinese medicine there is pain at the base of the obstruction of the flow of energy (qi), then here is that, through the needles in the right places, you go to work on the regularization of the problem, which in turn will ease the pain .

The grandmother’s advice should always be listened to, then never forget the dear old hot water bottle , which with its warmth relieves the pain of the cycle of menstruation. Alternatively, for modern women at all costs or who want to experience, there are the Comfy Pac , some nice hot bearings, full of cherry pits, or the Corn Bag Critters , bags of maize to be heated in the microwave.