It can happen when you use a lot of contact lenses, when the immune defenses are lowered or due to viral infections, which Rossini eyes and continue to weep. In these cases, before resorting to conventional drugs, you can use natural remedies for conjunctivitis. Soothe redness To treat conjunctivitis, the use of herbs is primarily external; a useful remedy is the solution of Cinerama, for use as eye drops, prepared by diluting one part of the mother tincture of this herb and 100 ml isotonic sterilized. This natural remedy is particularly indicated in cases of redness due to visual fatigue and conjunctivitis obvious, because the urn has astringent, anti-inflammatory and decongestant. Just a drop on waking and before going to bed, for 5 or 6 days. Another natural remedy for conjunctivitis, which helps torched, is obtained by the wraps with a brew prepared for leaving a quarter of an hour 20 grams of chamomile in a cup of boiling water.


Against the watery When you have allergic conjunctivitis with considerable tearing and burning, are good wraps made ​​with cleansing disks soaked in a solution prepared with 8 drops of tincture of eye bright tincture and the same number of mother of calendar, dissolved in 100 ml of water. These two herbs have disinfectant and anti-allergic. Against the intense pain when the pain is very strong and his eyes are bloodshot particularly, the best natural remedy for conjunctivitis is represented by 30 drops diluted in water glycerine macerate holly (to drink before Breakfast and dinner), or macerated glycerine blackcurrant (30 drops breakfast and afternoon) if the inflammation is caused by an allergy.

Useful Tips When preparing the packs must it is important that the water has been boiled , and for each eye should be used gauze different, so there is the passage of germs from one eye to another. For the redness caused by prolonged exposure to the sun is very useful to wrap done in the evening with a grated raw potato, put in a gauze and held for 10 minutes on the eyes. Finally, we must remember that pregnant women, during lactation and children, should avoid the use of tinctures ; however, before resorting to natural remedies for conjunctivitis is always good to ask your doctor or pharmacist and if the problem does not improve, contact your ophthalmologist.