Depression is scary. Treat nervous depression with natural methods combined with psychotherapy is possible. A brief overview

A five French now suffers from depression in France. If multiple causes, symptoms are always the same: Loss of interest in his work, his hobbies, withdrawal, insomnia or hypersomnia, concentration difficulties, psychosomatic complaints, loss of libido. Provided it is transient and time taken, treat depression by natural methods is possible.

Treat depression through proper diet

A diet rich in omega three and folate helps treat depression. The omega three fatty acids found in fatty fish (mackerel, anchovy, sardine) allow better communication between neurons. A team of French researchers has shown that a diet rich in omega three increases in the long term production of neurotransmitters energy and good humor in the emotional brain. Folate, present them in organ meats, legumes, orange juice, green vegetables strengthen the nervous system and therefore helps treat depression.


Treat depression by herbal medicine

St. John’s wort is effective to treat depression. St. John’s wort has also become Germany’s first “drug” prescribed for depression. In infusion, tincture, oil, the treatment lasts six weeks, the first effects to occur three to four weeks. Consumption of ginkgo biloba may also help fight the black humor. Studies have shown that ginkgo improves brain’s ability to respond to serotonin. It is all the more active it increases blood flow to the brain and eliminates free radicals.

Treat depression through sport

It was established that physical activity three times a week for three quarter hour may be equivalent to taking an antidepressant to treat depression. The sports most likely to produce these effects are endurance sports such cycling, running, swimming. By the secretion of endorphins that practice causes a mild state of euphoria sets in and decreases anxiety. Overall sport reinforces the esteem and confidence.

Treat depression through meditation and Chinese thought

Yoga for mental and muscular relaxation it brings is unique to restore his freedom in mind. Instead of ruminating, we learn, focusing on breathing, scroll to let his thoughts, emotions, feelings in a loving acceptance. Yoga improves mood by applying the precept of Buddhist philosophy which seeks the non-attachment. This is because we strive to reflect on the causes of his unhappiness that we become depressed. Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine after Taoist thought can also help change the chemical balance of the brain by altering the production of neurotransmitters.

Treat depression with light therapy

Expose themselves to artificial white lights for 30 minutes a day helps to treat depression in particular due to the seasonal lack of light. The lack of clarity may cause secretion of melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep. By regulating the circadian waking sleep light therapy allows the patient to recover sufficient energy and out of depression. Treat depression with natural methods is effective in many cases. However, each patient is unique and is alone to test these different approaches to determine those best suited to it. In addition to the healthy lifestyle they lead, they help after recovery to maintain a sustainable health.