And if the antibiotics are effective against seasonal ailments, infallible allies to counter small and large disturbances, the cough to sore throat up to gastrointestinal problems, were natural to 100%? Nature offers some unexpected blessing, such as garlic, honey or liquorice, which in addition to being the finest ingredients in the kitchen are effective and antibiotic. That’s what, what are and how you use them.

The acacia plant is able to counteract the bacteria, microbes and fungi properties catarrh, sedative and anti-inflammatory properties, is shown to counteract the gastrointestinal ulcers, conjunctivitis, diarrhea and gum infections, but also in case of infected wounds. Garlic is useful against bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi, a panacea for strengthening the body’s natural defenses, a hypertensive, capable, that is, to lower blood pressure, an antispasmodic, relieving or preventing muscle spasms, and antiseptic, eliminating germs and fighting infections. Ideal to combat gastrointestinal infections, upper respiratory tract and the skin surface. Among the side effects, related to overuse, are nausea and vomiting.


The aloe, perfect to combat the action of bacteria, microbes and viruses, is shown to facilitate healing and prevent possible infections in case of wounds and burns, due to its healing properties and anti-inflammatory. The absinthe is a useful plant to fight infections by bacteria, worms and fungi, anti-inflammatory and antipathetic properties. Also indicated during the acute stages of infections of the oral cavity, for the purpose soothing and painkiller, wormwood is exploited in all its parts, in the form of herbal tea, capsules, fumigation or capsules.

A true ally against viruses and bacteria, which can stimulate the body’s natural defenses and to exert anti-inflammatory action, echinacea is ideal in case of pre-flu symptoms. Thanks also to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, is suitable for heal wounds outside, bites or stings of animals. To avoid the risk of joint pain, however, it is recommended limited use. The licorice can claim ownership antioxidants, relaxing, antispasmodic, anti-stress, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, thanks to its ability to maintain low levels of blood sugar.

From the strong action bactericidal, propolis is a natural antibiotic able to act against 28 bacterial strains, which performs, at the same time, also an antiviral action. Perfect for the disinfection of the oral cavity, may also be useful against fungi and eczema, but also to treat cracking, chilblains and wounds.