We love to decorate but can have some problems, which manifests occasionally or systematically. The nails that are peeling, they are certainly unsightly, but it is mainly a signal not to be ignored, they are a symptom of possible body malaise. then must learn to read ‘and faced with this problem, run for cover to get back healthy and strong nails, aiming to eliminate the cause.Composition nail As the hair, the nails have a base of keratin which regulates its elasticity, the hardness and strength. Keratin is a set of amino acids, trace elements (zinc, iron and copper) and vitamins such as A, B6, C and E. The imbalance of one of these components is immediately reflected also on the nails. CAUSE nail that flake Among the most common problems is the applicant the overall weakening of the structure, which generates both the break but also the cleavage site, as if the nails had been immersed in water for hours. The causes of this weakness may be the lack of calcium and vitamin A or B6 .


We speak then of an improper diet or unbalanced which can generate these consequences. Other causes are traumatic events, a strong blow of any kind can generate a sudden fragility and exfoliation. Even some corrosive substances or with a very high acidity, or other agents chemicals contained for example in detergents, can cause this problem. But also the application of continuous enamels low quality has the same effect or the use of aggressive solvents. Even l cacophony cause flaking of the nail. Last, but unavoidable, also the aging brings the ‘stripping’ of more superficial layers of the nail. Additional factors are the diseases related to skin and large metabolic disorders are reflected on the nails. Remedies If the causes of flaking nails are real diseases, are certainly treated with care, going to act in specifically with the pharmacology. If the problems are ‘generic’, we evaluate the first correction power by inserting minerals and vitamins in fruits and vegetables and to make matters worse, for some time it is possible to resort to vitamin supplements.

How early in treatment, cut your nails short, keep it long makes them further vulnerable if they are perfectly healthy. If trauma events are not predictable, it is not possible to remember to wear gloves when using cleaning agents. then remember to use good quality enamel, maybe have a slightly higher cost, but we gain in not having to take care of your nails then later. from nail biting If you are veterans, applied enamels healing and curing. Use a good moisturizer also be applied on the nails, there are specific. Or you can use several natural remedies for an extra nourishment, one among all the sweet almond oil. As a last resort, you can ask the doctor to evaluate the application of a specific preparation of liquids are often applied as a glaze, but, however, are to be used for a certain period, without abuse, are always medicines.